Interface Design Studios

  1. Userfacet


    Userfacet is a leading UI/UX design agency focused on enhancing the user experience across digital platforms. Userfacet is obsessed with understanding how people interact with technology.

  2. GoInvo


    GoInvo's design practice is dedicated to innovation in healthcare. Over the past decade, we've created beautiful software for patients, clinicians, researchers, and administrators, working with organizations as far-reaching as AstraZeneca, Becton Dickinson, Johnson and Johnson, 3M Health Information Services, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Walgreens.

  3. Studio Rodrigo

    Studio Rodrigo

    Studio Rodrigo is an independent design studio, founded in 2012, with a focus on creating great digital products and services. We are at our best when we are helping companies identify and evaluate new product opportunities, developing product strategies, and designing and bringing new products and services to market. We put together small, smart product design teams to help bring a product vision to life - through concept, strategy, interface design, and identity development.

  4. Little Voice

    Little Voice

    Little Voice is a product design agency specializing in crafting UX/UI experiences for connected products in the automotive, consumer electronics and medical sectors. We are obsessed with understanding how people interact with technology. Our holistic approach allows for a greater insight into peoples' behaviors by contextualizing societal, technological and economic drivers.

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    Agente is an user interface and experience design agency. We design and build websites, mobile apps, and interfaces for companies worldwide.

  6. Pixians


    Pixians is a small team of experts whose sole purpose is to improve the user experience of mobile apps, software products, websites and landing pages. We couple our talent in design with UX heuristics to create designs that are easy to use and help in retaining audience.

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    Petterson Apps

    Petterson Apps is a team of highly professional mobile & web developers, with more than 7 years of experience in the field.

  8. Aufait UX

    Aufait UX

    Aufait UX is a UI/UX design agency focused on enhancing user experience across digital platforms.

  9. Antikode


    Antikode is a UI/UX design & development company. We have helped multiple clients from small medium businesses to big brands from various industry to create their website / mobile apps user experiences from the design & the development.

  10. The Gradient

    The Gradient

    The Gradient is a small group of experienced product designers and product marketing experts working as one team with its clients to create, launch and grow digital products.

  11. blank


    Underlabs is a Montreal based mobile app development company. Lead by an elite team of software engineers and crafted by Montreal's best user experience and interface designers. Underlabs has published several apps for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

  12. Artkai


    Artkai is an award-winning product design and development company, building digital products that make sense to business and people. Our human-centered approach helps to shape fresh ideas into useful, usable products that create and fuel spot-on user experiences. We make sure our clients' business objectives are fully aligned with technical possibilities and people's needs so that we can build predictably successful digital products.

  13. Clay


    Clay is a full-service digital design, UX, and development studio based in San Francisco. We work with startups and established companies to create world-class products, brands, and experiences.

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    CrashShop is an interactive media studio specializing in innovative, elegant and functional websites and interfaces.

  15. Creative Navy

    Creative Navy

    Creative Navy is a UX/UI design company working for clients worldwide. With expertise in human-computer interaction across the whole range of digital products, Creative Navy has received numerous industry awards and is ranked a top UX/UI design agency.

  16. blank


    Multidisciplinary designer, Alexander Hsiao shares his work via Perphic a design consultancy he founded.

  17. Conjure


    Conjure is an award-winning, product-focused digital studio. We help ambitious brands and organizations differentiate their digital products and services through outstanding strategy, innovation, design and technical execution.

  18. blank


    Sodafish was founded by Belgian designer Tom Nulens and has a focus on modern icon, pictogram and illustration design.

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    The Skins Factory

    For 10 years, The Skins Factory has been designing application user interface designs, skins and themes for Fortune 500 companies.

  20. UXDA


    UXDA is a leading boutique UX design agency obsessed with problem solving through cutting-edge design.

  21. More Air

    More Air

    More Air is a digital product design, UI/UX and development studio based in London. We work with companies big and small to create world-class products and services. We specialise in the design of UIs for apps, websites, cars, wearables and more. Whatever your company size we approach every project with the same respect, focus and level of craft.

  22. blank


    Variousways is an imaginative award winning interactive design studio founded in Philadelphia in 1998. Serving national and international clients, we are hard working, dedicated and have a strong desire to create innovative and engaging digital experiences.

  23. blank


    Iconwerk develops Icons and symbols for applications and web design. Individual pictograms for corporate design, print and industrial design.

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    IconTree develops professional looking GUI and icons with different styles ideal to integrate into the web applications, Windows/MAC software, catalogs, games and much more.

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    Fimera Design

    Fimera Design is an interior and product design studio. We create harmonious, functional and exceptional solutions for public and private spaces, furniture and products.