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  1. Interior Provocations - History, Theory, and Practice of Autonomous Interiors

    Interior Provocations: History, Theory, and Practice of Autonomous Interiors

    Interior Provocations: History, Theory, and Practice of Autonomous Interiors addresses the broad cultural, historical, and theoretical implications of interiors beyond their conventionally defined architectural boundaries. With provocative contributions from leading and emerging historians, theorists, and design practitioners, this book is rooted in new scholarship that expands traditional relationships between architecture and interiors and that reflects the latest theoretical developments in the fields of interior design history and practice.

  2. The Interior Design Handbook

    The Interior Design Handbook

    The Interior Design Handbook teaches you general rules of thumb - like what the golden ratio and the golden spiral are, the proper size for a coffee table in relation to your sofa, the optimal height to hang lighting fixtures, and the best ways to use a mood board-complete with helpful illustrations.

  3. Bohemian Modern - Creative and Free-spirited Contemporary Homes

    Bohemian Modern: Creative and Free-spirited Contemporary Homes

    The Bohemian Modern home is a place where creativity, individuality, and a bold mix of color and pattern meet in a modern environment. Whitewashed walls and polished concrete floors are brought to life by vibrant rugs and wall hangings; a cozy rattan chair suspended from the ceiling, and a jungle of houseplants-clustered in pots, hanging from the ceiling, or even growing on the walls. The style gives a nod to 1970s chic, with its use of shagpile rugs, Swiss cheese plants, and macramé, but it stands firmly in the present day by boldly contrasting those elements with sleek modern art and polished concrete worksurfaces. Emily Henson explores the elements that come together to create this eclectic, colorful, and contemporary look and draws inspiration from an array of real-life Bohemian Modern homes.

  4. Becoming a Designer of Distinction

    Becoming a Designer of Distinction

    In Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What Design School Won't Teach You, Tabitha Evans shares lessons she has learned along the way and offers a hip and insightful way to educate designers on what they need to do to help pave the way to a successful career in interior design.

  5. Bold British Design

    Bold British Design

    Bold British Design sees the tastemakers at the epicenter of British interior design share their exclusive advice and inspiration for achieving a bold interior, inspiring you to create your own original, fearless home environment. Designers the world over are increasingly looking to British designers to combine heritage and history with wit and attitude. Interiors Editor Emilio Pimentel-Reid and photographer Sarah Hogan have gained exclusive access to the studios, homes, mood boards and archives of twenty top British creatives. With the interiors creating a visual conversation through the rooms of the houses, the authors reveal the history, craftsmanship, key elements, and inspiration necessary for creating a modern, personal, and stylish interior.

  6. Splendor of Marble

    Splendor of Marble

    Splendor of Marble is the first book to examine the many ways this beautiful stone can be incorporated into a home environment, describing the unique nature of marble and the leading role it plays in the best of interior design today. Featured are rooms showcasing marble by many of the world's most prominent decorators, including Kelly Wearstler, Vincente Wolf, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Bjarke Ingels, Ryan Korban, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Robert Kime, the Haas Brothers, and Joseph Dirand, among many others.

  7. Interior Design Since 1900

    Interior Design Since 1900

    Newly updated and overflowing with color, this well-established history of interior design describes and illustrates each movement and change in taste throughout the twentieth century. Featuring more than two hundred color illustrations of interiors from around the world, this book reveals the fundamental changes in style that occurred throughout the century. The 1900s saw the emergence of professional designers and a growing appetite to redesign homes to keep up with popular fashion. In recent decades, the focus has shifted toward public spaces and sustainable design. In this survey, Anne Massey explores the social, political, economic, and cultural contexts of these developments.

  8. Total Design - Architecture and Interiors of Iconic Modern Houses

    Total Design: Architecture and Interiors of Iconic Modern Houses

    Celebrating the ultimate masterpieces of modernist design, from the Arts and Crafts movement up to the twenty-first century, Total Design offers an intimate tour of houses conceived as complete works of art. Each of the spectacular houses making up Total Design demonstrates how an architect realized a unifying vision through all aspects of design-architecture, furniture, fittings, decorative objects, color, and gardens.

  9. Soviet Design - From Constructivism To Modernism 1920-1980

    Soviet Design: From Constructivism To Modernism 1920-1980

    Based on extensive research and drawing on archives that were until recently inaccessible, Kristina Krasnyanskaya and Alexander Semenov document seven decades of interior design in the Soviet Union. They demonstrate that, while often discredited as monotonous, the work of designers, architects, and manufacturers behind the Iron Curtain in fact comprises a remarkable variety of original styles.

  10. House of Glam

    House of Glam

    Challenging convention with maximalist flair, House of Glam features custom wallpapers, elegant fabrics, and rich marble, as well as mid-century design icons, geometry and echoes of Memphis. A new, young generation of interior designers like David Alhadeff, Cristina Celestino and Nina Yashar with an emphasis on personality are creating homes that aspire to be as unique as their inhabitants, propelling residential design into the future. This diverse architectural landscape of the book is a feast for the eyes, where expressive colors, textures, unusual forms, and exotic materials combine to create a contemporary interpretation of an art deco or classic 1950s Hollywood film set interior.

  11. Robert Stilin - Interiors

    Robert Stilin: Interiors

    The interiors of New York- and Hamptons-based designer Robert Stilin are renowned for their strong, clean lines; warm, rich palette; antique and vintage furnishings; and custom upholstery-frequently combined with modern and contemporary art. Fifteen of his finest projects are featured in this lushly illustrated volume.

  12. Wellbeing in Interiors - Philosophy, Design and Value in Practice

    Wellbeing in Interiors: Philosophy, Design and Value in Practice

    Wellbeing in Interiors explores how the design of interior spaces impacts wellbeing. In the built environment, this topic is generally overlooked, even though it is one of the most important topics in sustainable building. This book will enable project teams to understand how specific decisions about sustainable design and materials can be implemented on a day to day basis. Each Part ends by placing each issue into context, exploring how it is a part of sustainable design and includes practical examples.

  13. Tiny Interiors - Compact Living Spaces

    Tiny Interiors: Compact Living Spaces

    Tiny Interiors features contemporary projects from around the world that take on the simple yet challenging task to develop enthralling room concepts and spatial solutions for the efficient use of the smallest living spaces. The furnishings need to be carefully designed and compact to make the most of the available space. These mini interiors investigate the possibility of providing a better setting for everyday living based on what is necessary, what is desired and what is possible.

  14. New York Design at Home

    New York Design at Home

    Designers' homes are often laboratories where they are free to experiment. New York Design at Home profiles 27 homes and looks at how these creative professionals approach design in their personal space. Like most New York City residents, they are decorating with much smaller budgets than their work projects, but they find creative ways to deal with tiny bathrooms, awkward and unusable kitchens, and shared living spaces. Photographed by Noe DeWitt, New York Design at Home highlights the carefully considered details within each interior.

  15. Mid-Century Modern - Interiors, Furniture, Design Details

    Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details

    The 1950's house was a scientific triumph, designed in a laboratory and tested on inhabitants of all ages before being built for the masses. Mid-Century Modern explores the interior decor of this seminal decade, concentrating on all aspects of a home's decoration-walls, flooring, surfaces, lighting, and, of course, furniture. Case studies examine beautiful present-day homes that exhibit mid-century style in an exemplary way.

  16. Mid-Century Modern Interiors - The Ideas that Shaped Interior Design in America

    Mid-Century Modern Interiors: The Ideas that Shaped Interior Design in America

    Mid-Century Modern Interiors explores the history of interior design during arguably its most iconic and influential period. The 1930s to the 1960s in the United States was a key moment for interior design. It not only saw the emergence of some of interior design's most globally-important designers, but it also saw the field of interior design emerge at last as a profession in its own right. Through a series of detailed case studies, this book introduces the key practitioners of the period - world-renowned designers including Ray and Charles Eames, Richard Neutra, and George Nelson - and examines how they developed new approaches by applying systematic and rational principles to the creation of interior spaces.

  17. Who's Afraid of Pink, Orange, and Green? - Colourful Living and Interiors

    Who's Afraid of Pink, Orange, and Green?: Colourful Living & Interiors

    This book lavishly presents home décor options outside of safe color schemes, traditional furniture, and every day accents. With more than 20 international interior designs and interviews with acclaimed design professionals, this is an inspirational handbook on creating exciting, even daring, interiors using color in accents, and on walls, furniture and floors.

  18. Small Space Living

    Small Space Living

    Complete with demonstrative illustrations and photographs, Small Space Living offers more than one hundred space-saving ideas from Roberta Sandenbergh.

  19. Night Fever 6 - Hospitality Design

    Night Fever 6: Hospitality Design

    Night Fever 6 unveils outstanding and inspirational destinations that are setting the direction of contemporary hospitality design. Divided into chapters illustrating key trends in the field, the book showcases 100 hospitality interiors from across the world, on a total of 500 pages. Projects are selected based on their original concept, creativity, innovative approach or the project's unmistakable wow-factor. Each interior is presented in two to six pages, through an engaging explanatory text about the design and a curated selection of stunning photography and elucidatory drawings.

  20. Conran on Color

    Conran on Color

    In Conran on Color, Terence Conran shares a lifetime of experience as one of the world's leading designers, retailers and restaurateurs to explain how to make the most of this vibrant and dynamic ingredient. With reference to a wide range of sources, from nature and fashion to street markets and works of art, he reveals how to translate such examples into practical strategies for bringing color into your home.

  21. Interior Design Illustrated

    Interior Design Illustrated

    Interior Design Illustrated is the definitive guide to design for interior spaces. Richly illustrated in author Francis Ching's signature style, this book introduces complex design concepts in a visually stunning format; from defining the space and using the elements of design, to planning building systems and incorporating sustainable materials, this volume embodies the idea that beauty and function are not separate entities, but two parts of a whole. This new fourth edition has been updated to reflect the latest building codes and design practices, with discussion of new materials related to acoustics, lighting, and sustainable furnishings. Renewed attention to sustainability includes new information on energy conservation, design for longevity and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, as well as an updated discussion on LED lighting, workplace design, use of color, and computer modeling software to provide a well-rounded view of how interior design firms are working today.

  22. History of Interior Design

    History of Interior Design

    History of Interior Design is a comprehensive survey covering the design history of architecture, interiors, and furniture in civilizations all over the world, from ancient times to the present. Each chapter begins with background information about the social and cultural context and technical innovations of the period and place, and illustrates their impact on interior design motifs. Throughout the text, cross-cultural influences of styles and design solutions are highlighted, demonstrating how interior design has evolved as a continuing exchange of ideas.

  23. The Interior Design Reference and Specification Book

    The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book

    The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book collects the information essential to planning and executing interior projects of all shapes and sizes, and distills it in a format that is as easy to use as it is to carry.

  24. Interiors Beyond Architecture

    Interiors Beyond Architecture

    Interiors Beyond Architecture proposes an expanded impact for interior design that transcends the inside of buildings, analysing significant interiors that engage space outside of the disciplinary boundaries of architecture. It presents contemporary case studies from a historically nuanced and theoretically informed perspective, presenting a series of often-radical propositions about the nature of the interior itself. Internationally renowned contributors from the UK, USA and New Zealand present ten typologically specific chapters including: Interiors Formed with Nature, Adaptively Reused Structures, Mobile Interiors, Inhabitable art, Interiors for Display and On Display, Film Sets, Infrastructural Interiors, Interiors for Extreme Environments, Interior Landscapes, and Exterior Interiors.

  25. Goods 3 - Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods 3: Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods 3 features fifty iconic interior products from well-known designers and manufacturers from around the world. Each product is shown on eight pages from initial design sketch to its use in recently-designed interiors. Step-by-step descriptions with many drawings and photographs show how the furniture and products are designed and made.

  26. The Other Office 3

    The Other Office 3

    The latest volume in Frame's series of books on workplace design, The Other Office 3 highlights inspirational interiors that are setting the trends in creative workplace design.

  27. Creating the Productive Workplace - Places to Work Creatively

    Creating the Productive Workplace: Places to Work Creatively

    The built environment affects our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Here renowned professionals from practice and academia explore the evidence from basic research as well as case studies to test this belief. They show that many elements in the built environment contribute to establishing a milieu which helps people to be healthier and have the energy to concentrate whilst being free to be creative.

  28. Space for Creative Thinking - Design Principles for Work and Learning Environments

    Space for Creative Thinking: Design Principles for Work and Learning Environments

    Businesses and schools today are looking for ways to spur the kind of creative thinking that leads employees and students to generate innovative ideas. Many are finding that the physical spaces in which people work and learn can provide a strong impetus to follow a creative train of thought. Space for Creative Thinking puts this trend into the knowledge-work context, discussing the underlying design concepts that factor into making a space that stimulates original thinking. The book follows this outline of theory with twenty compelling examples, which range from offices and schools to research facilities. Each case study is presented through photographs, as well as interviews with both designers and users.

  29. Smart Spaces - Storage Solutions at Home

    Smart Spaces: Storage Solutions at Home

    Smart Spaces showcases interiors where brilliant solutions have been found that justify the adage a place for everything and everything in its place. Clever storage options and accessories for every room of the house, whether living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Some are artfully hidden behind walls or staircases, others are in plain sight and multipurpose all are notable for resolving space problems.

  30. Exposed Lightbulbs - Bright Ideas for the Contemporary Interior

    Exposed Lightbulbs: Bright Ideas for the Contemporary Interior

    The exposed lightbulb is the must-have design item of the 21st-century interior. Be inspired by the host of cutting-edge ideas to use this modern product in your own home. With this essential guide, Charlotte and Peter Fiell, 21st-century design experts and authors of such Taschen classics as Design for the 21st Century, 1000 Chairs and 1000 Lights, walk you through lighting with bare bulbs to achieve and complement a range of styles, from opulent to industrial, rustic to minimalist.