Interior Design Companies in the United States

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  1. SFA Design

    SFA Design

    Founded in 1996, Smith Firestone Associates (SFA Design) is an award winning international interior design firm directed by industry leaders Sue Firestone and Kara Smith. With insight, imagination and integrity, SFA combines the personal energy and focus of a boutique firm with the experience and capability of a large corporation.

  2. SAA


    Founded in 2000, SAA is an interior design and architectural firm dedicated to delivering forward-thinking, integrated design. With extensive skills and industry experience, SAA provides professional and highly effective business-driven solutions. SAA is committed to improving the business environment by using knowledge, technology and communication to provide leadership and manage change while build lasting relationships with customers, employees and business associates.

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    White Webb

    White Webb is an interior design firm whose work has been seen in every major American shelter magazine. Matthew White and Frank Webb are know for their ability to blend classic and modern elements to create spaces of comfort and beauty for life today.

  4. J. Stephens Interiors

    J. Stephens Interiors

    J. Stephens Interiors is a high-end boutique design firm led by Jo Ann Alston - a certified interior designer who is a four-time winner of the prestigious American Society of Interior Design excellence award. Our interiors reflect timeless and elegant feel yet individualized for each project.

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    Intelligent Interiors

    Intelligent Interiors is a Texas based interior design company providing a complete interior designing service for your products. We are very happy to develop a unique solution in several fields such as corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality and government for your special requirements.

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    NB Design Group

    NB Design Group is an award-winning Seattle interior design firm providing quality residential and commercial design services.

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    Glenn Gissler Design

    Trained as an architect and practicing as an interior designer, Glenn Gissler is known for his understated, elegant sensibility, paying particular attention to architectural detail and craftsmanship. He artfully combines traditional and contemporary furnishings in rooms that are comfortable, polished and visually striking without seeming "decorated."

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    Lakshmi Interiors

    Lakshmi Interiors is an international interior design firm specializing in custom interiors for the residential, commercial, yacht, and hospitality industries. The firm is dedicated to creating timeless living environments in harmony with nature.

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    FOX Architects

    FOX Architects is a fully integrated firm of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers with offices in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Our portfolio highlights our expertise in commercial office design and architecture at the local and national level.

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    Est Est Interior Design

    Est Est Inc., the oldest interior design firm in Scottsdale Arizona, has received top recognition for residential and commercial interior design projects throughout the world.

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    EMC2 Interiors

    EMC2 Interiors is a full service residential interior design firm creating innovative, customized living spaces on any budget.

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    Andy Goldsborough Interior Design

    Andy Goldsborough Interior Design located at Manhattan's Union Square specializes in residential and retail design. The firm is primarily known for its detailed craftsmanship and thorough knowledge of curating collections for its clients, integrating them into a cohesive environment that is both elegant and refined.

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    Troy Spurlin Interiors

    Troy Spurlin Interiors is a full service interior design firm located in Jacksonville, Florida serving both commercial and residential clients.

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    Lucas/Eilers Design Associates

    Lucas/Eilers Design Associates, LLP is an interior design firm that creates timeless and imaginative interior spaces. With an intelligent, confident approach, the designers create thoughtful spaces relevant to their client's diverse tastes and personalities, while incorporating exceptional attention to detail.

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    Kevin Isbell Interiors

    Kevin Isbell Interiors, founded in 2009, is a New York based design firm. His style is clean, edited and highly nuanced. Although firmly rooted in contemporary living, Isbell's designs never disregard the past, but rather update them with a fresh new perspective.

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    Darlene Molnar

    Best known for seamlessly blending style influences from diverse cultures and eras, our firm creates tailored spaces that are livable, fashionable, and functional.

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    Stef Albert

    Sought-after design firm based in Manhattan specializing in high-end, international interior design. State-of-the-art planning, presentation and visualization services with highly talented team under supervision of owner for unique, original and personalized designs above the generic.

  18. Menashe Design

    Menashe Design

    Menashe Design is a full-service interior design company providing an innovative design experience and approach for the new millennium, as well as offering coop and condo boards, DOB permits, landmarks, construction and execution. Menashe provides clients with a full-service experience of eclectic, artistic and creative design aesthetics, while curating items sourced from around the world.

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    Klingmann Architects and Brand Consultants

    Klingmann Architects & Brand Consultants (KABC), founded in 2001 by Anna Klingmann, is a New York based architecture and brand consultant firm with operations in London, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi. The company primarily works on master planning, landscape design and place making, mixed use and resorts, retail design and branding, and interiors.

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    Catherine Macfee Interior Design

    Catherine Macfee Interior Design is a full service design firm, taking the world of high-end residential and select boutique commercial projects by storm. The award winning firm practices authentic and quality design with an eclectic and vibrant approach to Mountain, Coastal, Country, and Ranch lifestyles.

  21. Elstad Interiors

    Elstad Interiors

    Elstad is a Chicago based interior design firm that provides residential and commercial, interior and exterior, design services across the US and the UK. Established in 2001, Elstad Interiors has completed hundreds of successful projects - transforming residential spaces into luxurious dream homes and offices into comfortable, inspiring spaces through innovative, purposeful design.

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    Joe Ginsberg Design

    Joe Ginsberg Design is an innovative full-service interior design firm specialized in custom fabrication and distinctive material application.

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    NorthPoint Design

    NorthPoint Design is a full service interior design company that specializes in Cabins, Lodges, Resorts and Vacation Homes. We also have a custom line of rustic furniture and home furnishings that we display in our showroom in Hayward Wisconsin.

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    Brown Design

    Brown Design is a full scale interior design firm located in Los Angeles, California. Ryan and Joshua Brown, the principals of Brown Design, are brothers, interior designers and residential developers who share a passion for creating stylish, organic and contemporary spaces that are truly stunning.

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    Randi Halpern

    Offering complete concepts from architectural plan review through interior design and analysis. we apply creative and technical solutions within a structure that are functional, attractive and enhance the occupants' quality of life and culture.