Interior Designers

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  1. Susie Atkinson

    Susie Atkinson

    Susie Atkinson is a London-based designer who has worked on high profile commercial and private residential projects all over the world. The studio has created many well-known spaces including Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest, Beaverbrook Hotel in Surrey, Dean Street Townhouse, Soho House Berlin, and Babington House in Somerset. Susie designs interiors and products, including furniture, upholstery, and lighting, which are all made in Britain.

  2. Joanna Lavén

    Joanna Lavén

    Joanna Lavén is an interior designer based in Stockholm, Sweden that works for private residences and commercial spaces.

  3. Payton Addison

    Payton Addison

    Payton Addison is an interior designer building and creating beautiful homes on the coastline of Southern California.

  4. Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler, founder and principal of Kelly Wearstler, is an American designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments as well as expansive collections of lifestyle product designs.

  5. Belinda Albo

    Belinda Albo

    Belinda Albo is a Toronto based interior designer. Belinda's design philosophy is polished simplicity with a touch of drama.

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    Val Nikitin

    Val Nikitin is Ukrainian-born Architect and Interior Designer work in New York since 1993, specializing in Hi-End residential projects.

  7. Ernesto Fusco

    Ernesto Fusco

    Ernesto Fusco is an Italian interior designer. His services include interior design, interior space planning, garden design, lights design, furniture design, on site coordination.

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    Carlos Polo

    Carlos Polo designs inspirational ways in which to apply these basic tenets to key areas of the modern home - spaces for living, eating, sleeping, bathing, and working; as well as spaces for enjoying the outdoors.

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    Stina Willett

    Stina Willett is an experienced commercial interior designer, currently living and working in Manchester.

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    Miguel Lopes

    Miguel Lopes is a spatial designer who works in ephemeral aspects between people and space. Scenography, events and installations are the mix fields that Miguel Lopes is focused.

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    Soledad Alzaga

    Soledad Alzaga is a full service boutique firm based in San Francisco. Her projects in the USA, Mexico and Buenos Aires range from small projects to construction from the ground up.

  12. Klara Valent

    Klara Valent

    As an interior designer and architect, Klara's work is motivated by the emotional responses authentic places evoke in us. Relating persona to place is her approach for developing meaningful interiors that are not only a proposition for lifestyle, but a personal reflection of its occupants.

  13. Thilo Reich

    Thilo Reich

    Thilo Reich is an award-winning Berlin-based architect and interior designer. His studio's work ranges in scale from furniture to architecture, with a strong focus on architectural craft, detailing and on the characteristics of the site.

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    Julia Buckingham Edelmann

    Julia Buckingham Edelmann's passion for antiques, artifacts, and found objects translates into beautiful and exuberantly youthful homes with a timeless quality. As a former antiques dealer, she designs her interior environments with keen interest in integrating antiques and artifacts with modern elements to reflect today's lifestyles.

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    Michelle Yorke

    Michelle Yorke is an interior designer renowned for her distinct color sense and attention to creative detail resulting in interior environments that are delightful, inviting and extraordinarily livable. The firm stands for a singular blend of elegance & livability in styles from traditional to modern, or a unique eclectic mix.

  16. Caryn Campbell

    Caryn Campbell

    Caryn Campbell is an interior and home furnishings designer based in Chicago with over 15 years of experience in the design industry.

  17. Charbel Tawil

    Charbel Tawil

    Charbel Tawil is an interior architect and a product designer. Throughout his career, he worked on a diverse array of Interior design projects ranging from residential, hospitality, to commercial including product and furniture design.

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    Nacho Marti

    Nacho Marti is a designer based in London creating exhibitions and interiors. He develops expressive design projects that are defined by their simple forms, chromatic rigor and straightforward and affordable materials used in a different context.

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    Suto Interior Architects

    Suto Interior Architects is a design studio established in 2000 and based in Budapest specializing in residential and commercial interiors.

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    Martins Buka

    Based in Chicago, Martins Buka brings inspiring interior designs from concept to creation.

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    Betty Wasserman

    Betty Wasserman launched her design business in 1996 by synthesizing 10 years as a New York based private art dealer with a passion for design and architecture. She is committed to a warm and minimalist approach to her interiors.

  22. Jarret Yoshida

    Jarret Yoshida

    NYC based interior designer well versed in new construction and renovation, art and color consult, staging, and all residential and commercial design projects.

  23. Eric Petschek

    Eric Petschek

    Petschek is an interior designer and photographer based in New York City. He studied design at Pratt Institute, and worked at several top design firms before transitioning to a career in interior and architectural photography.