Interior Design Services: Tiles & Stones

  1. Walker Zanger

    Walker Zanger

    Walker Zanger is the world's most comprehensive stone, ceramic tile and glass company. As a leading choice for consumers and design professionals, Walker Zanger combines Old World stone and tile-making traditions with a modern sophistication that gives designers and their clients the ability to turn almost any surface into a canvas of inspiration.

  2. Nemo Tile

    Nemo Tile

    Nemo Tile offers extensive surfacing collections for a wide variety of spaces including homes, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.

  3. TURF


    TURF designs and manufactures sophisticated, minimal and easy to install acoustics solutions for the open office.

  4. Daltile


    Daltile is the largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of ceramic tile and natural stone in the United States.

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    Artaic is an advanced mosaic design & fabrication firm that creates dramatic tile statements using modern technologies to transform space into captivating environments.

  6. Bisazza


    Bisazza offers a wide selection of custom mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, and glass tiles in various colors and design styles for interior or exterior design.

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    Solus Decor

    BC based Solus Decor design studio creates custom fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds and tiles from hand cast concrete.

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    Trueform Concrete

    Trueform Concrete creates beautiful New Jersey concrete countertops, vanity tops, table tops, fireplace surrounds, and other concrete products.

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    Designtalestudio, Ceramiche Refins creative laboratory designs and creates large size ceramic slabs for interiors suitable both for private homes and for the most fashionable venues. Production and sale of furniture and accessories and Italian design.

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    Edgewater Studio

    Edgewater Studio is Vancouver's premier artistic custom tile company with satisfied clients and beautiful installations throughout North America.

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    An industry leader in decorative tile and natural stone, our newest collections combine with traditional favorites to create a dynamic assortment of surfaces that you won't find anywhere else.

  12. The Davani Group

    The Davani Group

    The Davani Group provides custom and standard marble to design industry professionals. We source the most exotic materials on earth and handcraft the ultimate in home furnishings and decor.

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    Lowinfo specializes in the design and manufacture of contemporary concrete products. Drawing on years of experience, their vast knowledge and creative approach to concrete, Lowinfo use their expertise to continually develop and push the material.

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    Polidori Barbera

    Our range of textured plaster finishes vary from smooth and high polished to an earthy bas relief, from a silky shimmer to a soft leather feel, all suitable for interiors, exteriors and wet areas. To truly customize each space, Polidori Barbera Design offers consultation and provides samples of bespoke wall finishes and will custom mix and match colours.

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    Vintage Floors

    Parquet Floors made from North European oak wood. The designs of the parquet floors is inspired by restoration assignments on 17th century European castles and manors.

  16. Dreamcast


    DreamCast is an established concrete products manufacturer, offering a broad selection of fine concrete products for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our experienced artisans combine age-old European tradition and craftsmanship with advanced technologies.

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    Moz Designs

    Architectural Moz Metal products add a dynamic element to your interiors. Using solid-core aluminum we create column covers, wall panel systems, ceilings and canopies, fixtures, tabletops and more.

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    Lapicida are an authority on natural stone tiles and only select the very best grade stone for their product ranges. Locating the finest grade natural stone and crafting bespoke designs is all part of the service.

  19. Mosaïque Surface

    Mosaïque Surface

    Mosaïque Surface specializes in custom stone mosaics. Our experienced team creates original and intricate murals, medallions, floors and table tops, and proposes a large variety of borders and field patterns.

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    Hakatai Enterprises

    Importer and distributor of glass mosaic tile since 1997. Extensive, modern palettes with custom glass tile design tools available online. Also specializing in custom mosaic murals.