Jewelry Design Brands

  1. Miansai


    Miansai, the Miami-­based handmade accessories brand, began with a single bracelet in 2008. Over the past seven years, Founder and Creative Director, Michael Saiger, has turned his vision into a timeless multi-­category, unisex, lifestyle label. Miansai thrives on exploration, discovery, and the beauty of minimal, elevated aesthetics. Passionate hands-­on design and production turns found, raw input into refined output. All designs are meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials.

  2. Emily Shaffer Studio

    Emily Shaffer Studio

    Emily Shaffer Studio is focused on creating jewelry that is clean, modern and versatile. The jewelry is made to be functional and complement the wearer's own individuality.

  3. Sethi Couture

    Sethi Couture

    Sethi Couture is designed by both Pratima and Prerna Sethi, using natural color diamonds, alongside beautiful white rose, briolette, and old mine cuts. Elegant jewels are created with lively hues and unexpected cuts. Our signature style depicts an old world charm yet contemporary glamour, evoking a rich history and timelessness.

  4. Dinosaur Designs

    Dinosaur Designs

    Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy are artists, designers, creative directors and co-founders of Dinosaur Designs, manufacturer of homewares and jewelry.

  5. blank

    Natalie K

    Distinguished designer of fine diamond jewelry specializing in diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings.

  6. The King's Bespoke

    The King's Bespoke

    The King's Bespoke is a brand build upon a rich 40-year heritage. It combines gemological expertise with global sourcing experience in exquisite gemstones to create fine bespoke jewelry.

  7. blank

    Manic Trout

    Manic Trout is a fusion of modern edginess and vintage elegance. The designs combine a mix of the old and the new, exploring novel expressions of texture and color, and yet are classic with an unexpected twist.

  8. blank


    Yvel is a multiple award-winning designer of luxurious and exotic high-end jewelry that are inspired by beautiful natural pearls. From gorgeous saltwater pearl bracelets to breath taking freshwater pearl necklaces, Yvel's unique creations are designed with precision, passion and love.

  9. Human Interface Jewellery

    Human Interface Jewellery

    Made to order 3D printed jewellery for tech loving individuals. Human Interface Jewellery's ethos is to design products in a more environmentally and socially responsible way. Making only what is needed, by using the latest and most sustainable manufacturing technology in the world - 3D printing.