Lighting Design Consultancies

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  1. Mindseye Lighting

    Mindseye Lighting

    Mindseye Lighting, consultants of choice to the most innovative and forward-thinking architects and designers, are a group of highly creative people who have a passion for the integration of light and architecture. Founded by Douglas James in 1997, there is a wealth of experience and a broad range of backgrounds within the staff team.

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    Schuler Shook

    Schuler Shook is an architectural lighting design consultancy based in Chicago and Minneapolis. The firm offers extensive experience in planning performing arts facilities and designing architectural lighting.

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    PointOfView is an award winning independent lighting design consultancy based in Australia, with creative direction by Design Director Mark Elliott. We work with light to enhance the architectural environment without imposing upon it. Working internationally on a diverse range of projects from boutiques to airports, with a focus on hospitality projects.

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    Lighting Workshop

    Lighting Workshop is a full-service architectural lighting consultancy. By combining strong creative drive and technical expertise, we offer our clients and partners imaginative design solutions uniquely suited to their needs.

  5. Limelight Atelier

    Limelight Atelier

    Limelight is a Singapore based lighting design consultancy sharing and operating as an allied profession globally, that drives creative solutions and fosters a team-based approach that supports owners, architects, landscape designers, interior designers' aspiration & vision.

  6. Light Bureau

    Light Bureau

    Light Bureau is an independent lighting design consultancy based in London. Established by Principal Paul Traynor as indigo light planning in 1999, the practice has become one of Europe's leading creative lighting consultancies.

  7. Planlux


    Planlux is an independent architectural lighting design studio based in Istanbul and London.

  8. QPRO


    QPRO provides professional lighting solutions that transform the spaces around, improves the quality of life and living environment in general, creating new impressions and emotions. We speak the language of architecture and create aesthetically balanced and comfortable spaces paying maximum attention to details. It is very important for us to bring to life every single idea of an architect or a designer. To help them make any project unforgettable and vivid with the help of light.

  9. John Cullen Lighting

    John Cullen Lighting

    For over 35 years John Cullen Lighting has been offering a complete end-to-end solution for all aspects of interior and exterior lighting for the residential, superyacht and hospitality markets all over the world.

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    WGC is a lighting design and consultancy firm that also features an audiovisual and acoustics design team. WGC specializes in jobs ranging from hospitality to workplace. We also work in the entertainment market with projects that include auditoriums and event halls. Our integrated approach allows WGC to work very closely with designers and architects seamlessly.

  11. DesignPlusLight


    Design Plus Light is a niche lighting consultancy with a personal approach to creating elegant lighting schemes for high-end projects. As a full-service independent practice, we work with architects, interior designers and contractors to bring their designs to life, using our creative expertise and technical knowledge to bring a touch of theatre to the built environment.

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    StudioLite is an architectural lighting design and consultancy firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with long years of experience in the lighting field serving the whole Middle East and expanding.

  13. Illuminate Lighting Design

    Illuminate Lighting Design

    Lighting design consultancy working with architects and interior designers on a wide range of commercial and residential projects with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, UAE, USA and India.

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    Studio Illumine

    Studio Illumine is an international team of lighting designers with a passion for light, architecture, product design and art. The design practice is officially founded in 2011 and based in Shanghai. Its team members are of varied design backgrounds and dedicated to bringing meaningful and imaginative lighting schemes into the built environment.

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    Phosforos is specialized in architectural lighting design and landscape lighting.

  16. Tungsten Studio

    Tungsten Studio

    Tungsten Studio is a creative lighting design consultancy having a unique ability to craft spaces with light and strategically achieve cost & code compliance with experience, talent and expertise to guide each project from concepts through to construction. We bring together a creative and intelligent approach to lighting design, with an understanding of the complex technical requirements.

  17. Light Touch

    Light Touch

    Light Touch offers a fresh approach to architectural, interior and landscape lighting design.

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    dpa is an experienced UK based company specialising in architectural lighting design for commercial, office, retail, hotel, residential, urban, display, environmental, gallery and heritage lighting, both for interior and exterior spaces.

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    Professional lighting design consultancy working across the leisure, retail, commercial and architectural sectors.

  20. DHA Designs

    DHA Designs

    DHA Designs is an independent lighting design consultancy based in London. Since its launch in 1988, our team of designers has created award winning lighting schemes around the world. Our notable portfolio includes architectural, museum and hospitality projects and we pride ourselves in working with a diverse client base, ranging from interior designers to renowned hotels and museums.

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    Graham Festenstein

    Graham Festenstein Lighting Design is an independent lighting design consultancy specialising in creative lighting for Architecture, Public Spaces, Exhibitions and Events.

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    Paul Nulty Lighting Design

    Paul Nulty Lighting Design (PNLD) is an independent architectural lighting design practice. We collaborate with architects and designers to provide innovative lighting designs, tailored to each individual project. We use light to reveal and accentuate the architectural environment, while recognizing the importance of creating solutions that are easy to maintain and cost-effective.

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    LightProjects is a professional award-winning lighting consultancy, specializing in architectural, interior/exterior lighting, and a holistic approach to clients.

  24. Pinto


    Pinto is a Brighton based architectural lighting design practice which supports a creative design methodology with a solid background in light and lighting fundamentals. The results are visually striking spaces that balance the use of leading technology with compliance with the latest energy codes.

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    Lighting Design House

    Lighting Design House is a full-service architectural and landscape lighting design consultancy based in London and operating in Europe, Asia and North America since 1990. Our projects range in scale from art to airports and lighting plans for entire cities.

  26. Scott Lighting

    Scott Lighting

    Architectural lighting design consultancy, best known for shopping center lighting design, as well as mixed use schemes, offices, residential's and hotels.

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    LDG designs lighting and lighting systems for television, cable, architectural and corporate clients.

    New York, NY, United States
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    Nulty+ is an award-winning independent architectural lighting design practice. We collaborate with architects and designers to provide innovative lighting designs, tailored to each individual project. We use light to reveal and accentuate the architectural environment, while recognizing the importance of creating solutions that are easy to maintain and cost-effective.

  29. Crowell Design

    Crowell Design

    Crowell Design is an architectural lighting design firm based near Philadelphia, PA. We are celebrating 30 years in business and provide services to the architectural and Engineering communities, as well as individuals, corporations, and religious entities. We excel in designing projects that are on time and under budget. We specialize in sacred spaces and have won numerous IESNA awards for exemplary lighting design.

  30. Luna Lighting

    Luna Lighting

    Luna Lighting is a woman veteran owned lighting design firm. The firm specializes in sports, commercial, industrial, retail, residential and more.