Lighting Design Studios

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    Founded in 2003 Robert Sonneman, SONNEMAN is a tribute to contemporary lighting design. In Sonneman's current lighting collection are over a thousand designs ranging from Warm Contemporary to Ornamental Modernism and Modernist styles.

  2. Aether and Hemera

    Aether & Hemera

    Aether & Hemera is interdisciplinary collaboration to research the aesthetic challenges of light and its power to trigger emotions and response, creating a sense of identity or setting a mood. Our installations, predominantly site specific, explore light's creative and artistic potential to express ideas, emotions and surprising encounters; we perceive colours and light as an epiphany of possible beauty, a levity amplifier and a metamorphosis tool transforming spaces.

  3. Pablo Designs

    Pablo Designs

    Pablo was formed in 1993 by Venezuelan born industrial designer Pablo Pardo and has established its studio in San Francisco. The studio has gained international recognition for its innovative lighting and home furnishings designs which are characterized by their unique sense of style and simplicity.

  4. Lindsey Adelman Studio

    Lindsey Adelman Studio

    Lindsey Adelman is a design studio focusing on lighting design since 2006. Founded in NY, with a second location in LA, our collections are driven by developing industrial modular systems to capture the ephemeral, fleeting beauty of nature.

  5. Workstead


    Workstead is a design studio, founded in 2009 by Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith. From their studios in Brooklyn, NY and Charleston, SC they focus on architectural and interior design, lighting, furniture, and exhibitions. Workstead's aim is to design responsible, context driven works that create a sense of place for both the objects they contain and the people that experience them.

  6. Apparatus


    Apparatus is a New York based design studio working with aged brass, etched glass, leather, marble and porcelain to create lighting fixtures, furniture and objects that fuse sculptural form with hand-worn materials. Each fixture is assembled in the Apparatus Studio where raw brass components are meticulously finished to reveal layers of uncommon beauty.

  7. Lambert and Fils

    Lambert & Fils

    Lambert & Fils is a Montreal-based lighting design studio founded in 2010 by Samuel Lambert . The studio's original and custom lamps for residential and commercial settings take cues from mid-century Modernism, the Industrial Age, and Lambert's own minimalist aesthetic. The studio revisits iconic motifs across the range of these influences to create its own distinctive collections.

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    Studio Ati

    Dubai based Architecture and Lighting design studio founded by Italian architect Giorgio Palermo with the aim to unite different specializations in the field of architecture and to confront projects with a multi-disciplinary approach.

  9. High Society

    High Society

    High Society is a sustainable design studio based in South-Tyrol, Italy. Its focus is to create unique plant-based lighting pieces through the upcycle of post-industrial waste such as hemp and tobacco among others. By exploring new production processes that combine technology and craftsmanship, High Society aims to underline the importance of evaluating waste as a primary resource.

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    Sense is a consultancy in architectural and exhibit lighting design that specializes in high-end retail, residential, hospitality, and gallery projects. Beyond the architectural realm, Sense partners with artists and creative agencies to develop branding experiences, exhibit designs, art exhibitions, and temporary installations. Sense is based in NYC, and designs local and international projects.

  11. Tillotson Design Associates

    Tillotson Design Associates

    Tillotson Design Associates (TDA) is a New York City based Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) lighting practice which consults with developers, architects, and interior designers throughout the world. Tillotson Design Associates has a relentless passion for design excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and heavy principal involvement from concept to final focusing.

  12. Studio ZNA

    Studio ZNA

    Studio ZNA is a creative lighting design practice established in 2006 and directed by Zerlina Hughes. We offer a specialist understanding of light and form. We have extensive experience in museum & gallery, high-end retail, commercial & residential buildings, theatre, opera and film.

  13. Gabriel Scott

    Gabriel Scott

    With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and jewelry-making, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler bring a multidisciplinary set of skills and style to the furniture & lighting world as Gabriel Scott. Since their first collaboration in early 2004, the Canadian brothers-in-law have designed and manufactured exclusive pieces for the trade market throughout North America.

  14. Ilanel


    Ilanel is a Melbourne based creative studio, whose design objects combine artistic values, aesthetics and quality. Established in 2010, ILANEL's creations can now be seen around the world. From bespoke lighting in high-end residential projects to large scale commercial and hospitality installations. We answer the challenges presented by our clients and fellow designers alike.

  15. Studio d'Armes

    Studio d'Armes

    d'Armes is a design studio that creates enigmatic and modern light structures with a singular poetic approach. A team of professionals, designers, and craftsmen weave refined, distinct and timeless lighting featuring extraordinary and disparate elements that inspire unique emotional responses.

  16. Blueprint Lighting

    Blueprint Lighting

    Blueprint Lighting is a Manhattan-based lighting studio producing contemporary ceiling fixtures, pendants, and sconce fixtures with expert craftsmanship for elevated spaces.

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    Light Collab

    Light Collab is a lighting design consultancy practice based in Singapore, specializing in the art of light to enhance the visual environment and experience. Using light to reveal and accentuate the core principles of architectural design, Light Collab specializes in the art of creating sustainable luminous environments. Founded by Yah Li Toh, Light Collab has worked on a wide range of projects in Singapore and overseas.

  18. Lighting Design Collective

    Lighting Design Collective

    With studios in Madrid, London and Helsinki, Lighting Design Collective is the leader in creative lighting design and active globally. Our co-creative design process leverages our research findings, trend libraries and multidisciplinary experience for the benefit of developers, architects, interior designers and retail designers. We are specialists in interactive, auto-active and responsive lighting and digital integration of lighting into live data feeds.

  19. Aqua Creations

    Aqua Creations

    Aqua Creations is a design studio that originates artistic ideas into design objects bringing together an organic aesthetic and an appreciation for practicality. Aqua Creations displays an assorted range of lighting and furniture lines, completed with specified custom designs and unique light sculptures.

  20. LUUM


    Capturing the natural world in fixed form by merging light with scale and sculpture; contemporary design studio Luum makes ordinary spaces unique with lighting installations that stir a heightened sense of wonder, excitement and energy.

  21. Adaptive Design Group

    Adaptive Design Group

    Glenn M. Johnson developed the Adaptive Method for lighting design that revolutionized the layering process of lighting architecture and coupled it with the thoughtful application of lighting controls. Our trademarked design processes have been developed over the last 30 years and are the most comprehensive lighting and controls approach available.

  22. Bomdesign


    Michael Bom creates sculptural lamps from books and paper in his studio in Rotterdam. These lamps display his ability to create poetic yet beautiful functional objects. His designs have adorned many interior projects worldwide. These illuminated objects have added an unique artistic aspect to the lighting of these interiors.

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    Brand van Egmond

    Brand van Egmond is the pioneer in Dutch "Haute Couture" lighting design. William Brand and Annet van Egmond founded Brand van Egmond in 1989 with a unique intention: to create art without restraints.

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    JOUG design is a product design incubator for interior design products all of which have been conceived, developed and produced in New Zealand. JOUGs products have the ability to transform everyday living rooms into contemporary living environments with strong visual aesthetic and uncompromised quality.

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    Viocero is a young lighting design studio based in Hamburg.

  26. RLON


    RLON is a Berlin-based contemporary design studio founded by Philipp Eibach, Josua Putzke and Nehemia Turban. The studio creates objects and installations characterized by minimal aesthetics, playful interactions and poetic motions. Inspired by art, science, and metaphysics, RLON strives to narrate stories that emphasize what it means to be human. RLONs form of expression is the creation of objects and installations that address the richness of your senses and intellect. We do that with the tools of design and soul of art, by playfully combining the joy of experimenting with professional craftsmanship.

  27. Tirschwell and Co

    Tirschwell & Co

    Tirschwell & Co is a lighting design and consultancy studio based in New York City with an office in Dubai, UAE.

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    The AAN-UIT collection distinguishes itself with its enticing lucid lamp designs by using todays shapes and materials. The label is built on the philosophy that "light" should be explored to the max.