Lighting Designers

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    Ingo Maurer

    Ingo Maurer is well-known in the world for his unmistakable lighting fixtures: designs with strong emotional resonances and a seemingly universal appeal.

  2. Seth Bernstein

    Seth Bernstein

    Seth Bernstein is a lighting designer and filmmaker based in New York and Los Angeles. His work crisscrosses multiple disciplines and genres to ensure an impactful product for all clients.

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    Vincenzo Missanelli

    Industrial design studio based in Empoli - Florence (Italy) with a great experience in lighting design, led, glass, polyurethane lights, illuminant spots, ceiling, floor and table lamps.

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    Volker Haug

    Professionally produced artisan lighting solutions and professional lighting design advice. Designs range from ceiling pendants, to table lamps, wall lights and bespoke pieces.

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    James Clar

    James Clar, Interactive lighting designer and installation artist from New York. He received his Masters at New York Universitys Interactive Telecommunications Program. He was an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam Atelier of New York and did work at Fabrica, Italy. Influenced by working in music and animation, his works are often bright, colorful, and tech-y objects that interact with its environment and sound.

  6. Adam Gearhart

    Adam Gearhart

    Adam Gearhart is a producer, project manager, and designer in New York City. He specializes in bespoke events, experiential events, concerts, night life, conventions, corporate meetings, theater, dance, and film.

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    Sean Michael Smallman

    Sean Michael Smallman is a lighting designer and consultant specializing in creating dramatic lighting environments for theatre, music, opera, dance, worship, concerts and special events.

  8. Sabi Kiesel

    Sabi Kiesel

    Sabi Kiesel is an independent architectural lighting designer based in London offering individual commercial and residential lighting design on freelance basis with experience in retail, exhibition, office, hospitality in interior and exterior environments.