Multidisciplinary Design Companies

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  1. GHD Partners

    GHD Partners

    For over two decades, we have collaborated with clients to solve their specific business challenges using strategic insight and innovative design. At GHD, we integrate research, technology, category expertise, and transformative design into actionable strategies that support both brand and business growth. Our long-standing relationships with some of the world's strongest brands are a testament to our commitment to design excellence.

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    5+design is an international design studio offering services in architecture, urban design, planning and interiors. With offices in Hollywood, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai, the firm is working on mixed-use, retail, entertainment and residential projects globally.

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    Tiazzoldi by Nuova Ordentra

    Tiazzoldi by Nuova Ordentra is a design firm whose agenda is to develop design tools to face creatively the complexity of today's cities. Its principal, Caterina Tiazzoldi, connects advanced digital research in architecture, developed within the context of the Advanced Research Lab, NSU at the Graduate School of Architecture of Columbia University in New York City, with ten years' experience in the field of retail, industrial and entertainment design.

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    De-Spec is a multi disciplinary design firm working with a broad range of clients, providing them with intelligent and innovative solutions. We view design as an integral marketing tool in itself which serves to refine the "brand experience" concept.

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    Gruskin Group

    The Gruskin Group team of 55+ designers, architects, LEED accredited professionals, and support staff work in a collaborative style that integrates architecture, branding, strategy, interior design, planning, and interactive/multi-media to create inspiring solutions for its corporate and commercial clients. Gruskin Group is committed to developing visionary concepts that lead to excellence - and following those concepts to completion to ensure the creative work is executed as intended.

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    Ion Design

    At Ion Design we provide our clients with communications solutions that take ideas based on sound strategies and make them real. We have delivered effective, engaging, and award-winning design + branding to our clients since 1988.

  7. Enventys


    Enventys is a full service organization aimed at taking concepts and ideas to market. Our clients range from individuals with an idea that is still in their head to large corporations looking for fresh look to existing products or a completely new line of products.

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    Seos finds and creates ideas that companies need in order to profit from sustainable business. We specialize in helping companies create, design and sell products, spaces, services and combined offerings that are better for the user, for the planet, and for the bottom line.

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    A multi-disciplinary design firm incorporating architecture, interior design, furniture design, graphic design and web design.

  10. Atelier Manferdini

    Atelier Manferdini

    Atelier Manferdini is an interdisciplinary design firm that has been a highly visible advocate of design excellence and has been recognized internationally for its ability to create imaginative architecture and product design.

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    No Picnic

    No Picnic is a design driven innovation agency based in Stockholm. Our multidisciplinary team of industrial and graphic designers, architects, design engineers, strategists, consumer behavior experts and project managers has completed over 750 projects for clients worldwide such as Sony, Ericsson, The Absolut Company, Carlsberg, Tetra Pak, Weekday and SAS.

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    Dot Kite

    Dot Kite offers professional design services in many different areas. From furniture to consumer electronics, from packaging solutions to graphics and brand identity.

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    Founded in 2007 and based in Shanghai with branches in Hong Kong and Berlin, Creativoo develops creative solutions for all communication channels - strategy & identity, design and communications.

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    Total Tool

    Total Tool is a consultancy and planning firm that works in the design, communication and architecture sector. It began in 1999 with its headquarters based in Milan.

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    Multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in branding and websites, architectural design, set design, graphic design, and fabrication design in a synergetic and sustainable work environment.

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    Ansari Design

    Ansari Design develops award winning designs, as well as products, transportation designs, graphics, prints, and art illustrations.

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    Hot Snow Design

    Hot Snow is an independent design and web building company located in Espoo, Finland.

  18. Otto Design Group

    Otto Design Group

    Philip Otto, founded Otto Design Group as an exploration of the intersection between design, art and culture. Philip works across a variety of media to craft environments and experiences that are both practical and poetic, reflecting the cultural landscape while being truly unique statements.

  19. Studio Louter

    Studio Louter

    An Amsterdam based creative agency for the arts and cultural sector with over 20 years of experience. Using the unique 'emotion design' method to create meaningful experiences to visitors.

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    At DelineoDesign we mix need with creativity, intuition with business to reach the objectives set with our clients. We are a multifaceted team: design and 3D planning; creation of prototypes and pre-engineering specifications; graphics and business communication.

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    Elemental8 is a multi-disciplinary design organization based in Silicon Valley. We create innovative products and branding solutions that make a difference in global society.

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    MAYA Design

    MAYA Design is a design consultancy and technology research lab. At heart, we're designers who have an intense desire to turn human experiences with technology products into positive, fruitful interactions.

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    Ph.D was founded in 1988 by two English blokes determined on serving an enlightened roster of clients with visual acuity, crisp thinking and penetrating wit. Today, Ph.D is led by Michael Hodgson, whose style can be described as "classic with a twist": a blend of the bold playfulness championed by his dear friend British fashion designer Paul Smith and the casual cool of his American idol Steve McQueen.

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    Aeolab is a design & technology firm specializing in electronics prototyping, interactive media and reactive spaces. Our projects cross boundaries: from online to in-person, physical to digital, often spanning multiple technologies and always within the context of creating a compelling experience.

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    Humantific partners with organizations to make sense of and solve complex unstructured business challenges, visualize strategic stories and build sustainable cross-disciplinary innovation capabilities.

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    ChaseDesign has more than 80 employees, and clients around the world. For 44 years, we have built lasting relationships on successful strategy and design. We provide clients such as Procter & Gamble, Ralston Purina, KitchenAid, Olympus Cameras, Swiss Army and others with expertise in retail design, product design, package design, merchandising design, environmental graphic design, corporate identity and brand identity programs.

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    A multi-disciplinary architectural and design practice, SDA has built an exceptionally strong track record in client retention thanks to our passion for every project, depth of experience and knowledge, and a very personal, flexible way of working providing cost-effective design of outstanding quality.

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    Equal parts design firm, artist's studio & inventor's laboratory; Eyerus is a visual communication firm founded in 1999.

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    Village Green Studio

    Village Green are a skilled team with over 20 years experience in creative design, branding and advertising. Clients include Nike, Beck's, Penguin Books and more.