Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies

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  1. Pentagram


    Formed in 1972, Pentagram is a privately owned international multi-disciplinary design consultancy. Its services span identity, publications, packaging, product, interactive communications, exhibition and environmental design. The firm has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Austin, Texas.

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  2. Checkland Kindleysides

    Checkland Kindleysides

    Checkland Kindleysides is an independent design consultancy, specialising in retail design, graphics, brand identity, commercial interiors and interactive design.

  3. Eight Inc.

    Eight Inc.

    Eight Inc makes extraordinary things that change the way people think, feel and do.

  4. Paul Cocksedge Studio

    Paul Cocksedge Studio

    Paul Cocksedge Studio was founded in 2004 by Paul Cocksedge and Joana Pinho. With a strong and dedicated team of collaborators, the Studio has won national and international acclaim for its original and innovative design, underpinned by research into the limits of technology, materials and manufacturing processes. The key feature of the Studio's work, in everything from product design to architectural projects, is a focus on simplicity and imagination in order to create unique people-centred designs.

  5. ESI Design

    ESI Design

    ESI Design has been a pioneer in experience design and audience engagement since its founding by Edwin Schlossberg in 1977. The firm specializes in imagining and creating immersive and interactive environments that help brands, corporations and cultural institutions engage with audiences and customers in innovative, more meaningful ways.

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    Product Ventures

    Product Ventures is a brand strategy and design consultancy specializing in product and packaging innovation. We are unique in our ability to provide truly holistic design and 360 degrees of consideration to every challenge.

  7. Artefact


    At Artefact, we conceive, design, and develop technology products and services for the 21st century. We are an award-winning design, technology and innovation studio dedicated to defining next-generation products and user experiences that lead to preferable outcomes for society, humanity, and the environment.

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    Everyone Associates

    Everyone Associates is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. Our job is to understand the ever-changing motivations of your clients and customers, and communicate your brand and message to them in the most original, strategic, intelligent, engaging, creative and stimulating way.

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    Designit is a strategic design consultancy with integrated services in innovation, service design, product design, interactive design, interaction design, and branding and communication. By combining human needs with strategy, Designit acts as an agent of change for society and business.

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    The Aedas global network provides consultancy services in architecture, interior design, masterplanning, landscape, urban design and building consultancy in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

  11. Nascent Design

    Nascent Design

    Nascent design offer a complete range of strategic and design services which can help clients solve specific branding problems by translating them into successful creative solutions.

  12. EOOS


    EOOS was founded by Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann, and Harald Grundl in 1995. Besides working for international clients in the fields of furniture design, research design, and flagship store design, EOOS presents its research work at international exhibitions.

  13. Poulin and Morris

    Poulin + Morris

    Poulin + Morris is an award-winning, internationally recognized, multidisciplinary design consultancy, led by Richard Poulin, Douglas Morris, and Brian Brindisi, involved in all areas of visual communications, including environmental graphics, donor recognition and wayfinding sign programs, exhibition design, graphic identity, interactive media, promotional print, and publication design.

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    Design Concern

    Design Concern provides assistance in five fields: Design research, Product design, Service design, Communication design and Web design. Our approach is knowledge based - we believe insight into user and market needs is the key to innovation that works in practice.

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    Factorydesign is a design consultancy in London specialising in product design, airline design, transport design, 3D design, branding and sustainable design.

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    Luca di Filippo

    With 16 years of experience Luca di Filippo brings together a wide set of skills to offer tailored brand design and services, from brand strategies to environments, through visual identity, product design and photography.

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    Hello Future

    Hello Future designs and develops digital services. Our view of the world is that the internet is a service layer on top of the real world and we can use it to create fun & meaningful interactions in our daily lives with the help of websites, intranets, mobile applications and hardware.

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    Vetica Group

    Vetica is an international design agency for strategy, branding and product design with locations in Lucerne, Taipei, Hamburg and Hong Kong.

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    Moth Design

    Moth is a multidisciplinary design consultancy working across, event, retail, industrial, interior and graphic design. We aim to infuse critical thinking, sustainable practice and energy into all projects - working closely with manufacturers and builders to come up with the best solutions for clients

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    WORK is an agency that builds holistic brands for Norwegian and international clients. Our team covers the fields of product design, graphic design and communication.

  21. JungleFish


    JungleFish is an international product design & branding consultancy in Shanghai, focusing on China. With our multi-national team from China and abroad we support local and international clients in B2B and B2C design projects. In our branding practice, we translate business objectives into a market focused brand strategy. Based on that we create a meaningful, memorable and compelling visual identity. Our services include naming, communication design for web and print, as well as packaging design.

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    NOS is a design consultancy based in Mexico City. We aim to work on design projects that have a social or environmental focus, where the results have tangible benefits for people and planet.

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    Studio Dott

    Studio Dott, formerly known as Concrete, was founded in 2000. Studio Dott is an all-round creative design agency and consultancy based in Antwerp and Hong Kong. Studio Dott provides services in all aspects of innovation and optimization. We breathe and apply the design thinking methodology and mindset to create new digital and physical products, services, environments, interactions and experiences to create value for our customers.

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    Atkinson Design Associates

    Atkinson Design Associates were formed in 1982 and invention has been a cornerstone of our approach to design challenges from the beginning. Our clients are notable companies in a variety of industry sectors, such as Knoll International in furniture, Concord in lighting, Boots in cosmetics and Peugeot in automotive. Our services reflect the range of our client needs, covering product development of industrial systems, furniture, lighting and corporate or retail environments, as well as the big challenge of energy generation through green tech innovation.

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    20.20 is a strategic design consultancy specialising in retail and leisure. In a challenging world, we uncover simple truths that make a real difference; We drive change through creativity, designing meaningful experiences customers will remember forever.

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    Control Group

    Control Group is a digital strategy and integrated services provider that helps organizations leverage technology to improve productivity, increase revenue and reduce costs. Control Group's unique expertise in design, user experience and technology has helped clients in a variety of sectors rapidly achieve their critical business objectives.

  27. Tactile


    Tactile is a high-touch design consultancy where the creative, technical, and strategic come together. We design meaningful physical and digital experiences for everyday moments and the one of a kind. We are made up of industrial designers, interaction designers, graphic designers, and engineers who create sought-after products and experiences through research and strategy. For over 15 years, we've partnered with influential and emerging brands to craft industrial, medical and consumer products with lasting relevance.

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    Adaptive Path

    Adaptive Path helps companies create products and services that deliver great experiences that improve people's lives.

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    Shike Design

    Shike Design creates products that move and environments that move you. We are a conceptual three dimensional design and development company that approaches every project as a collaboration of minds and an exploration of the masses.