Multidisciplinary Design Studios in Canada

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    Red Urban

    Red Urban is a multi-disciplinary creative collective based in Toronto.

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    Arc & Co. Design Collective

    Arc & Co. is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary design agency focused in consumer-goods branding, product, packaging, surface/pattern and exhibit design.

  3. Bruce Mau Design

    Bruce Mau Design

    Bruce Mau Design (BMD) is a multidisciplinary brand design firm working worldwide with organizations shaping the future of their respective industries. We work with large international corporations, visionary start-ups, innovative retailers, expansive cultural organizations, ambitious architects, city builders, and governments. Our international staff is a diverse group of industry-recognized graphic designers, architects, strategists, UX experts, copywriters, and account leads who think beyond the silos of traditional disciplines.

  4. Blangk


    Blangk is a design firm dedicated to creating things that are truly inspiring. Our services go above and beyond typical design work: we help clients and their businesses bring their creative ideas and products all the way from conception to the final stages of production. We specialize in business model planning, product design, packaging, space, brand identity and interactive experience.

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    Cause+Affect is a multi-disciplinary creative agency. Straddling the realms of sustainability, civics, culture, and development, we help our clients evolve their existing brands or create completely new ones.

  6. Aprilli


    Aprilli Design Studio is a Toronto based design atelier focusing on research, design and implementation of sustainable design and planning strategies which improve the quality of human life, society and surrounding environments. We believe design can be a powerful tool to provide alternative solutions and derive better systematic strategies for the world's rapidly transforming social, economical and environmental needs.

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    Omer Arbel Office

    OAO (Omer Arbel Office) is active within the traditionally defined fields of architecture, industrial design, craft and materials research. We operate within constantly oscillating parameters of scale, site, socioeconomics, phenomenological experiment, power relationships, environmental imperative and allegorical relevance. Our goal is to create extraordinary projects.

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    The Still Brandworks

    The Still is a full service boutique agency. We solve business problems for our clients. We are listeners, strategists and story tellers.

  9. Fivethousand Fingers

    Fivethousand Fingers

    Fivethousand Fingers is a design studio working globally from Montréal. Led by founding partners with backgrounds in the arts, the studio specializes in branding, typography and illustration, and strives to innovate across disciplines. We work with clients and collaborators who share our care for the quality and experience of a product, whether it be material or virtual, commercial or experimental. Our process balances concept and craft, moving from broad strategy to fine execution.

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    Studio Dialog

    Studio Dialog is a motion and design studio focusing on great design through collaboration and creativity.

  11. Morpho-Synthesis


    Morpho-Synthesis is an interdisciplinary design studio that offers different services that range from strategic design thinking and innovation to product development and production. We are experts in developing in-store marketing tools with more than 15 years of experience working with Canadian and US clients, leveraging design thinking to view brands, products, packages, merchandisers, displays and environments in a new way and as a cohesive system that works for the target buyer in mind. For this, we apply unique design thinking tools to create, invent, or reactivate brands and develop innovative experiences and products.

  12. La Firme

    La Firme

    LA FIRME is a team of young, creative and thorough professionals who, from an ecological, economical and human perspective, put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right materials and the right suppliers to achieve the very best results.

    Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montréal, QC
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    The Practice of Everyday Design

    The Practice of Everyday Design is committed to forming new design opportunities by merging seemingly irreconcilable ideas. A strong conceptual framework forms the foundation for our explorations in design, each piece stemming from a simple idea or story then taking on a life of its own. We approach each piece with as much rigour as humour, for a playful but deliberate result.