Multidisciplinary Design Studios in Italy

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    Lorenz Kaz

    Milanese Lorenz Kaz design studio was founded in 2001 by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, both German designers living and working in Italy since the mid Nineties. What characterises their creativity is the accurate quest for perfection and a hybrid "nordic - italian" imprint of their designs, aware of its origins and always willing to transform and evolve them into something new and innovative.

  2. Henry&Co.


    Henry&Co is a design studio based in Verona (Italy) founded in 2013, that works and makes research in the belief that the future is in sustainability, especially for industrial and visual design.

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    Deepdesign is a small and dynamic company with ability in future scenario development, product and packaging design innovation.

  4. Cibic Workshop

    Cibic Workshop

    Cibic Workshop is a design studio and multidisciplinary research centre which focuses on alternative sustainable projects aimed at enhancing local areas and defining new cultural, emotional and environmental awarenesses of public space.

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    DORO Design

    DORO Design aims to provide to the customer with excellent products with its values of simplicity, efficiency, cleanliness and elegance, with a view to steadily expand the scope and increase the aggregation of ideas and skills.

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    Studiovo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Lucca, founded in 2010 by Andrea Caturegli and Marco Vincenzi.

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    Puzzle Design Factory

    Puzzle Design Factory is an architecture, design and graphics studio based in Milano. Our services range from design related projects to larger scale constructions with a meticulous attention to details and a constant research for creative solutions.

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    CIVICO13 is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Turin, Italy. We're working on a wide range of projects, from architecture to graphic design.