Package Design Companies

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    JOED Design

    Joed Design is a full service, graphic consultancy, located in Chicago Illinois, specializing in packaging, corporate & brand identity and marketing communications.

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    Jag Creative

    Jag Creative are specialists in design led communications. With expertise in print, broadcast and digital production, all you need is right here, punchy logo and corporate design to comprehensive multi-media advertising campaigns.

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    Sage Media

    Sage Media is an award winning Canadian graphic design and advertising firm, specializing in branding and corporate solutions for print, and on the web.

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    Distant Village

    Distant Village is an award-winning firm that designs and produces custom packaging, labels, and other products made exclusively from natural sustainable materials.

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    Newhall Klein

    Newhall Klein is a strategically inspired marketing company with an intense creative drive. The integrated services we provide are expansive-from strategic marketing and branding to package design, advertising and channel communications.

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    Liljeqvist & Wargo

    Liljeqvist & Wargo helps companies develop their business by harnessing the combined power of applied strategic brand development, compelling package design, structural innovation and merchandising communication.

  7. Anthem Branding

    Anthem Branding

    Anthem Branding is a boutique design agency that specializes in custom retail packaging and private label design. Our collaborative approach to the creative process delivers award-winning custom retail & product packaging design focused on creative production techniques, and creating memorable consumer experience. From creative concept and mood boards, to market and demographic research, our team of designers and account managers are dedicated to delivering quality results that yield emotional connections between our clients and their target audience.

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    BYStudio is a packaging design company in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in custom packaging for businesses that want to make an outstanding visual impact and sell more products. The retail shelf is the most competitive marketing environment for products competing for consumer recognition. Our goal is simple; to ensure that your new package design has overwhelming visual appeal for your target audience and builds brand value. We work with you to brainstorm ideas, focus on your marketing demographics and brand value proposition, and provide custom package design solutions that set you apart from the crowd.

  9. Seedhouse


    Seedhouse is a boutique brand design firm run by seasoned, industrious brand folks. We are doggedly focused on helping clients grow powerful, robust, vibrant brands. With Seedhouse, clients get the same highly seasoned, road-tested, disciplined perspective they'd expect from the large strategic branding consultancies, together with a remarkable level of inspired-and-inspiring creative - all in an efficient and more cost-effective package.

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    121 is a global branding firm. We help companies build their brands through excellent packaging and compelling POS support.

  11. Greenmelon


    Greenmelon designs brands, packaging, products. We combine strategy and creativity, design and business savvy, left brain and right, to create effective brands, outstanding design, meaningful messaging and communications that leave an indelible mark in the minds of their audience.

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    Agency leaders in Italy in the design of corporate identity and packaging design that has been operating for more than 30 years in the wine sector of excellence.

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    Pixellent is a full service package design and brand development studio, with focus on food and beverage labels, health and beauty products, electronics and all other packaged consumer goods.

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    IBC Shell

    IBC Shell is a global turn-key creative and manufacturing resource with over 30 years of expertise providing innovative packaging, dimensional marketing tools and giftware for consumer brands.

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    O3 Design

    To O3, design is the final aesthetic manifestation that emerges from detailed researches, analysis and strategic thinking in the search of differentials that allow transforming commodities in unique goods desired by consumers.

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    Alloyd Brands

    Alloyd Brands is the clear market leader in providing a full range of high visibility packaging solutions.

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    oh yeah:

    ohyeah: design collective's core competencies are brand strategy and creative. We create visual identity and packaging design and build up brand equity based on coherency and integrality.

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    TM Media

    TM Media specializes in product branding. We have work with industries, such as food & beverage, healthcare, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and much more.

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    Crème de Mint

    Crème de Mint is a boutique graphic design studio located in Miami Beach. Our studio sets itself apart with its unique branding and packaging. We create well-developed designs for product-driven companies mainly in the beauty/cosmetics, food/beverage and wine/spirits industries. We have designed for well-known companies such as Victoria's Secret, Avon, Bliss, and Benihana.

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    Proto-Pak Design

    Proto-Pak Design is a structural packaging design & prototypes firm. We are not affiliated with any packaging manufacturers, so there is no obligation for a mass production order with our services.

  21. Catalpha


    Catalpha is a design and branding firm offering structural design and package design services for retail and luxury products.

  22. Pharma International

    Pharma International

    Pharma International offers web development and packaging design services to life science and financial companies.

  23. Digital Creative Packaging

    Digital Creative Packaging

    DCP is a design agency specialising in packaging design for all products and industries. Our team is made up of passionate, creative and experienced people who are proud of the results we attain for our clients. Digital Creative Packaging have gained an unbeatable reputation in the packaging industry as a reliable supplier to major consumer brands, especially in the food and pet food industry. With our translation service and understanding of UK and European food labelling regulations, we can produce multilingual packaging and help your products enter new markets.

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    Forthought Branding+Design

    Forthought Branding+Design is a strategic branding, graphic design and packaging design agency. At Forthought, we develop your corporate identity and product branding, and bring what's best in your product out on its packaging.

  25. Foerstel


    Foerstel is a Boise-based creative agency and graphic design studio specializing in identity, branding, packaging, logo design and web for forward-thinking companies that are looking for creative that helps their brand break through the noise.

  26. CityState


    CityState is a Brooklyn based branding, packaging design and consumer insights agency. As designers, strategists, and storytellers, we collaborate with our clients to inspire the future.

  27. Flipflop Design

    Flipflop Design

    Flipflop Design offers fresh, creative and visually stimulating design solutions from concept to completion, specializing in packaging design for retail, including mock-ups, artwork and print management.

  28. TML Packaging Design

    TML Packaging Design

    TML Packaging Design was created in 2013 to deliver a niche resource of structural and graphic packaging development. TML was formed by Tony Livingstone who's experience of global packaging development and design span over 20 years. Tony's previous role, as senior designer for multi-national Hasbro, adds a broad understanding of design, and fmcg packaging, which encompasses many styles, materials, and manufacturing locations.

  29. Buddy Creative

    Buddy Creative

    Buddy Creative's team has over 20 years of strategy, branding and packaging design experience; for clients in the food & drink, hospitality, retail, education, public sector, creative industries and B2B sectors. We immerse ourselves in our clients' worlds to understand their customers, competitors and unique story.