Package Design Studios

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  1. Force and Form

    Force & Form

    Force & Form is a boutique design studio. We specialize in the development of branding, identity systems, interactive media, packaging design & point of sale campaigns for consumer packaged goods.

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    Meat and Potatoes

    Meat and Potatoes is a boutique multidisciplinary design studio in Burbank, California, specializing in print, packaging and advertising design, focused on developing innovative creative solutions that, as the name suggests, are fundamentally strong and to the point.

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    The Design Spot

    The Design Spot are award winning experts in personal care branding, creating package designs that are both timely and timeless. Our designs turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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    Lien Design

    Lien Design has been specializing in branding and design for over 12 years. We have a smart, creative approach to design that helps our clients to succeed.

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    Design Innovations

    Design Innovations is a Canadian package design agency that has been helping marketers build brands that stand out and thrive. We are a team of experts with broad experience from tier one multinationals to entrepreneurial startups. We are small, nimble and highly responsive. We create distinct packaging solutions that work.

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    Yanez Gioia Design

    Yanez Gioia Design is focused on designing and re-designing labels, packaging and graphic products applied to the industry of wine, olive oil and spirits.

  7. Noreste


    Noreste is a packaging, branding and graphic design studio in Barcelona. With more than 10 years of experience, we have worked for small and large clients in important sectors such as fashion, perfumery, hospitality industry or culture, and in projects of all kinds.

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    Thermostat is a multi-disciplinary design studio with expertise in emotive brand identity and package design. We strive to create integrated branding across every consumer and business touchpoint and have worked clients from many industries, in multiple continents, to adjust consumer actions and create market success.

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    Ocean Branding

    Ocean Branding creates brands from scratch, evolves those that are under-performing and revolutionizes brands that have frankly lost the plot.

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    Packaging Arts

    A creative and marketing production agency specializing in custom packaging, corrugated, retail displays, labels, boxes, giveaways, gift bags, folding cartons, set-up boxes.

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    The Creative Pack

    A group of creatives, hunting for the best design solutions & working together in a close-knit team. We love working with large retailers, independent brands, and small startups. We tailor our work to their individual needs. We bring innovative ideas with a professional & friendly California personality.

  12. Subplot


    Subplot is a leading brand and packaging design firm that specializes in solving tough problems for demanding clients who insist on exacting results in highly competitive world markets.

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    Comstock Studios

    For the past 20 years, our Los Angeles based design team has been specializing in mass market packaging design and product development.

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    Kingdom & Sparrow

    Kingdom & Sparrow is an award winning multidisciplinary design agency, specializing in branding and packaging for the food & drink industry. Our passion for food and drink helps to inspire our ambitious and innovative work.

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    At Argency we think in a strategic way, using design as a useful and effective tool. Our expertise: branding, packaging, and digital media.

  16. Oyster


    Oyster is a boutique packaging design agency offering luxury retail packaging to the UK market. We're proud of our position in the market with our uncompromising views on the importance of design when it comes to making your products stand out.

  17. Nauvegar


    Nauvegar is a wine design studio based in the Douro Valley, Portugal.

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    We are an international branding, packaging design and integrated marketing agency. We work in America, Europe & Asia with creativity, passion & imagination to create great ideas.

  19. Britton Design

    Britton Design

    Britton Design is a Sonoma, California based design studio with 25+ years of valued experience. Patti Britton of Britton Design has a strong background in wine and food packaging. She guides the client by problem-solving their brand to creative heights. Also, Patti designs collateral design for large corporations, boutique wineries, and food companies, along with designing private wine labels.

  20. Marmalade London

    Marmalade London

    Marmalade London was founded 15 years ago - with a clear mission to create, commercially focused, future-proofed - brands, identities and packaging. Immersing ourselves beneath the surface of a brand or brief, we quickly define the wants and needs of the client. Our skilled team of creatives and wider circle of trusted partners, cultivate concepts that stretch beyond the brief to deliver bespoke and effective brand solutions. To build, develop and differentiate a futureproofed strategy that allows space to adapt and evolve within an ever-changing consumer climate is key in everything we do.

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    REB Design

    At REB Design, we consider ourselves to be 'brand architects', striving to develop visual communication solutions that will make strong and lasting impressions on well-defined markets, while understanding the need to keep an eye on commercial reality. Our clientele is varied, from small family businesses to large national corporations across Australasia, while our partnership with production facilities extends globally.

  22. HVC


    HVC is a New Jersey based retail brand and package design agency.

  23. forceMAJEURE


    forceMAJEURE specializes in brand creation, brand renovation, product design, and innovation. We offer a wide range of expertise, from strategy, visual and brand identity, to product, packaging, brand content creation & brand experiences.

  24. Jacomy Mayne

    Jacomy Mayne

    Jacomy Mayne is a boutique packaging and branding studio that specializes in crafting strong storytelling for brands. Working closely with our clients for a deep understanding of each project in order to translate their story into original, professional, and beautiful communication.

  25. Springetts


    Springetts is an award-winning, strategic brand design agency based in Marylebone, London. What drives our thinking and enthusiasm on every project is a passion for making a positive difference to a brand's success. Understanding our clients' businesses and getting under the skin of consumers always provide us with the greatest insight into how a brand should communicate in a uniquely differentiated, impactful and engaging way.

  26. Double Six Design

    Double Six Design

    Double Six Design is a full-service branding and packaging design agency. We're communicators who create and extend brands and foster brand promise. We work hard to ensure that our clients' messaging is timely, relevant and on target so it easily integrates into their specific strategies and goals.

  27. Clare Lynch Creative

    Clare Lynch Creative

    Clare Lynch Creative is a Dublin-based graphic design practice specializing in the design and development of unique brand identities, packaging design, visual communication, and print design. Clare Lynch Creative will bring a unique point of difference to your brand, combining creative flair and expertise with marketing, advertising and branding awareness. The result is engaging, thought-provoking and effective design with a unique twist, providing an original solution for your brand or product.

  28. Backbone Branding

    Backbone Branding

    Backbone Branding is leading and an independent branding studio based in Yerevan, Armenia. To deliver extraordinary solutions we dig deep into a brand's essence and values, clearly understand them, and then inject them into the design. This is the ultimate way to move beyond design for the sake of the design and give consumers a brand that is both undeniably relevant and incredibly engaging.

  29. Baga


    Baga is a Portugal based design studio dedicated to branding and packaging.