Architectural Photographers in Australia

  1. John Gollings

    John Gollings

    John Gollings is a photographer specializing in the built environment including the documentation of both ancient and modern cities around the world.

  2. Dianna Snape

    Dianna Snape

    Dianna Snape is a Melbourne based photographer specializing in architecture, interior and landscape photography. Her work features regularly in leading architectural and design magazines both nationally and internationally.

  3. Shannon McGrath

    Shannon McGrath

    Shannon McGrath has been photographing architecture and interior design works for 15 years. She is commissioned by pre-eminent architects and designers around Australia for her ability to get under the skin of a project, and not only capture its pure essence but also her client's formal design intent.

  4. Anthony Basheer

    Anthony Basheer

    Anthony Basheer is an interior and architecture photographer based in Sydney, Australia providing high-quality commercial and editorial content for print and online publishing and also for direct clients in the design industries.

  5. Dion Robeson

    Dion Robeson

    Dion Robeson is an Australian based architectural and interior photographer. Robeson works with award-wining clients from large multi-national firms to leading local architectural and interior design practices.

  6. Felix Mooneeram

    Felix Mooneeram

    Felix Mooneeram is a freelance photographer from the UK. His work focuses on the design, architecture and lifestyles found in the built environment.

  7. Scott Burrows

    Scott Burrows

    Australian architectural photographer Scott Burrows has been photographing architecture and design since 1999. He is a new generational photographer, fusing years of experience photographing architecture on film and technical cameras with modern day digital capture and workflow. It has equipped him with a skill set that combines a methodical and measured approach as well as being highly creative with the freedom that the digital realm permits.

  8. David Sievers Photography

    David Sievers Photography

    Known for his simple yet striking compositions and attention to detail, David Sievers is one of South Australia's most awarded photographers. Together with partner Cathy Schultz, David works across a range of fields including architecture, food, advertising and people.

  9. Steve Scalone

    Steve Scalone

    Australian-based commercial and fine art photographer Steve Scalone perfectly captures scenes that resonate the 'decisive moment.'