Photography Books

  1. Space Framed - Photography, Architecture and the Social Landscape

    Space Framed: Photography, Architecture and the Social Landscape

    Just as architecture seeks to frame and shape human activity in a given setting, photography has recourse to similar devices of framing and 'constructing.' Taking the point of view of the photographer engaging with some aspect of the designed and inhabited environment, this book examines the relationship between architecture and photography. A series of essays focuses on the resonances and relationships which the photographer realizes between the techniques and the products of photography on the one hand, and the characteristics and processes of buildings and terrains on the other. The book reveals the resonances and rhymes between the two as they occur at different scales, at different times, and in different settings.

  2. Ezra Stoller - A Photographic History of Modern American Architecture

    Ezra Stoller: A Photographic History of Modern American Architecture

    Ezra Stoller is an architectural photographer of immeasurable consequence in documenting the history of modern architecture - both known and unknown - in the United States and beyond. This book is one of the first to present the breadth of Stoller's largely unseen archive of images, brought to life through exquisite color and duotone black-and-white reproductions.

  3. Rankin - Unfashionable - 30 Years of Fashion Photography

    Rankin: Unfashionable: 30 Years of Fashion Photography

    A photographer who defined the aesthetics and attitudes of the 1990s and 2000s, Rankin's influence continues to be seen everywhere, from fashion editorials to cinematography, graphic design, and music videos for artists from Iggy Azalea to Miley Cyrus. Edited by the photographer himself, and drawing from thirty years of work, this is the first retrospective of Rankin's full career. From early provocative portraiture in the late 1980s, through his founding with Jefferson Hack of the fashion bibles of the 1990s and 2000s, Dazed & Confused and AnOther Magazine, to his pioneering of independent television and film through Hunger and his iconic monographs on Heidi Klum and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rankin's work has defined the face of popular culture for generations. Presented in reverse chronology, with a nod to a continuing spirit of contradiction, Unfashionable moves from Rankin's most iconic portraiture and documentary work through his nudes, his groundbreaking fashion work, and back to his earliest Polaroids.

  4. NY Skyscrapers

    NY Skyscrapers

    A vertical celebration of New York, this book offers magnificent views of the city's tall buildings as well as city streets, lush parks, and opulent penthouse gardens. This book presents 200 full-color illustrations of New York City's vistas from the top in a vertically oversized format. From Wall Street to uptown, these photographs capture uniquly beautiful views: a biplane on the roof of 77 Water Street; dawn over the Upper Bay of Governors Island; sunset reflected off the windows of the Freedom Tower; the top of the Pershing Viaduct; cabs lined up like matchbox cars on Seventh Avenue; and the enormous billboards that illuminate Times Square ― all from an angle few ever see.

  5. Photographing Fashion - Art and Techniques

    Photographing Fashion: Art and Techniques

    A successful fashion photographer has to be passionate and to believe in their concept, but they must also grasp the technical potential of their camera. This book guides you through both tasks by explaining how to use your camera to best effect, and then how to generate and develop ideas from conception to creation through to pitching and publication.

  6. Fashion Show Photography From the Runway to Backstage

    Fashion Show Photography From the Runway to Backstage

    A visual journey through three decades of photographing runway shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York, Fashion's Front Line showcases dazzling images taken by long-serving catwalk photographer Niall McInerney, whose life's work has been painstakingly preserved and made available through Bloomsbury Publishing's Fashion Photography Archive. Giving readers the complete picture, the book captures many rare and never-before-seen images of iconic moments on the runway as well as famous faces on the front row and the buzzing atmosphere backstage.

  7. PhotoViz - Visualizing Information Through Photography

    PhotoViz: Visualizing Information Through Photography

    Explore the many ways that people around the world are using photography to visualize complex data and processes. Co-edited by famed infographic designer Nicholas Felton, PhotoViz invites us to reinvent our collective reality and demystify our surroundings.

  8. Andy Warhol - Polaroids

    Andy Warhol: Polaroids

    Andy Warhol was a relentless chronicler of life and its encounters. Carrying a Polaroid camera from the late 1950s until his death in 1987, he amassed a huge collection of instant pictures of friends, lovers, patrons, the famous, the obscure, the scenic, the fashionable, and himself. Created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this book features hundreds of these instant photos, many of them never seen before.

  9. Camera and Craft - Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography

    Camera & Craft: Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography

    To create successful imagery, you need to balance technical know-how and aesthetic vision. In Camera & Craft: Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography, authors Batt, Dobro and Steen deconstruct photographic principles in new ways to help you think through your process.

  10. Patrick Demarchelier

    Patrick Demarchelier

    Patrick Demarchelier is the definitive guide to the career of one of the most prodigious fashion photographers of our time. From his earliest work at Harper's Bazaar to his now mythic collaboration with Vogue, Patrick Demarchelier has single-handedly redefined the fashion photograph and the fashion industry along with it.

  11. Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography

    Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography

    A landmark fashion photography monograph chronicling the most famous and sought-after brand in the world. This exceptional album features over two hundred images by the most important modern and contemporary photographers, including David Bailey, Henry Clarke, Patrick Demarchelier, Karl Lagerfeld, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, David Sims, Bert Stern, Juergen Teller, Mario Testino, and Bruce Weber.

  12. Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain 1925-1965

    Photography & Modern Architecture in Spain 1925-1965

    Photography & Modern Architecture in Spain 1925-1965 looks at the history of architectural photography during Spanish architecture's modern period, which ranged from the avant-garde of the 1920s to the conclusion of the International Style. Alongside hundreds of photographs documenting the architectural environment of Spain during these decades, text by Iñaki Berguera unfolds the relationship between photographer and architect.

  13. Architecture in Photographs

    Architecture in Photographs

    Architecture in Photographs spans the history of the medium and includes works in a variety of photographic processes by distinguished nineteenth-century practitioners. The seventy-five images presented here, all from the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, form a panoply of architectural structures and styles, from Egyptian ruins to Greek temples and Gothic cathedrals, and from skyscrapers and Modernist schools to mundane vernacular dwellings.

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    New Fashion Photography

    New Fashion Photography profiles more than 30 artists from around the world through exclusive interviews, commentary, and beautiful images. From Nick Knight's paint-soaked portrait of Lady Gaga to Mikes Aldridge's dark surrealism to Alice Hawkins's explorations of body image through satire, new fashion portraiture is challenging conventional ideas of beauty by confronting us with the unexpected.

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    Architecture of Photography

    After creating his own advertising photography studio with a colleague, Eugenie Pons decided to go by his own and oriented himself towards his authentic matter of interest: architectural photography. He started collaborating with architecture and design magazines and introduced himself to the most successful architects in Barcelona, which made his first collaborations possible. He now continues collaborating with several international newspapers, magazines, and publishers, and has won five LUX architecture photography awards.

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    People Apart 1950s Cape Town Revisited

    People Apart: 1950s Cape Town Revisited offers a rich and fascinating insight into South Africa at the brink of the apartheid through Bryan Heseltine's previously unpublished photography of the 1940s and 50s.

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    Ezra Stoller, Photographer

    Ezra Stoller's iconic photographs of 20th-century architectural masterpieces, such as Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building, are often cited in aiding the rise of modernism in America. Stoller (1915-2004) elevated architectural photography to an art form, capturing the mood of numerous buildings in their best light.

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    Fashion Photography 101

    Lara Jade shares her experience of fashion photography in the digital age, including dedicated sections on retouching, genres of fashion photography, and making the best use of social media.

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    Coming Into Fashion

    Coming Into Fashion features the work of 85 of the great fashion photographers past and present, drawn from the Conde Nast archives in New York, Paris and Milan, illustrates the early work of such celebrated practitioners as Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, David Bailey, Helmut Newton, Corinne Day, Ellen von Unwerth and Mario Testino that appeared in the pages of the companys magazines.

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    Deborah Turbeville: The Fashion Pictures

    From internationally acclaimed photographer Deborah Turbeville comes the first book on her highly influential visionary avant-garde fashion photography. Celebrated for her poetic grace and cinematic vision, Deborah Turbeville has produced fashion tableaux that draw the viewer into her otherworldly environments. A romantic and modernist, Turbeville bridges the boundaries between commercial fashion and fine arts photography. In this remarkable presentation, Turbeville reveals her highly individualistic point of view of fashion photography and the stories behind her photographs.

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    Wes Kroninger's Lighting

    Presenting strategies to assist photographers in bringing out the beauty in their subjects, this manual shows how the previously unique lighting techniques required within diverse areas of photography have evolved and condensed into a combined skill set. Presented in a portfolio style and using images from real sessions with actual clients, this guide covers the necessary tools, the process of job preparation, and the fundamental techniques used to achieve success in beauty lighting.

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    Edward Steichen: In High Fashion

    Edward Steichen was chief photographer for "Vogue and Vanity Fair" from 1923 to 1937. During that time, he produced work of unequalled brilliance, putting his exceptional talents to work dramatizing and glamorizing contemporary culture and its achievers in politics, literature, journalism, dance, theatre, opera and, above all, the world of high fashion. This beautifully produced book reproduces the best of Steichens images, all drawn from Conde Nasts archive of more than 2,000 original vintage prints.

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    The Printed Picture

    The Printed Picture traces the changing technology of picture-making from the Renaissance to the present, focusing on the vital role of images in multiple copies. The book surveys printing techniques before the invention of photography; the photographic processes that began to appear in the early nineteenth century; the marriage of printing and photography; and the rapidly evolving digital inventions of our time.

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    The Glossary of Digital Photography

    With the many technical, complex, and interwoven words, and new words being created daily, even veteran photographers have trouble keeping up with the lingo of digital photography. The solution comes to us in The Glossary of Digital Photography, which is the most comprehensive publication of its kind to date. With over 1500 words, abbreviations, and acronyms, the Glossary strives to help those involved in this cutting-edge industry to understand the language that makes it up.

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    The Digital Photographer's Notebook

    Author Kevin Ames, known for his popular Photoshop User column, presents an in-depth digital photography resource with a personal touch. Whether dealing with workflow, organization, or truly creative enhancements, Kevin shares his own image-making process from start to finish while illuminating many key issues relevant to today's professionals.

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    Photographing Architecture and Interiors

    Julius Shulman's long career photographing great architectural works with depth, passion, drama, and an instinct for the architect's intentions has ensured his present status as one of the world's preeminent architectural photographers. His eloquent photos interpreting the structures of Richard Neutra and other early modernists helped the viewing public to understand these revolutionary buildings, and brought prominence to modernist practitioners who might otherwise have been considered eccentric.