Photographers in Denmark

  1. Marie Louise Munkegaard

    Marie Louise Munkegaard

    Marie Louise Munkegaard moves in the diverse field of lifestyle photography with an emphasis on a clean, unmistakably Nordic aesthetic. She shoots artists' portraits bathed in natural daylight, in which the raw, often minimalistic settings speak volumes about the subjects, as well as food imagery for the likes of world-renowned Michelin-restaurant Kadeau. Additionally, she shoots interiors for magazines & restaurants and is passionate about her travel editorials assignments.

  2. Alastair Philip Wiper

    Alastair Philip Wiper

    Alastair Philip Wiper is an English photographer and based in Copenhagen and working worldwide. From the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, to giant shipyards in South Korea and radio observatories in Peru I work with the weird and wonderful subjects of industry, science, architecture, and the things that go on behind the scenes.

  3. Michael Rygaard

    Michael Rygaard

    Michael Rygaard is a Copenhagen-based photographer primarily working with fashion and interior photography, but also finding time for exploring personal conceptualized projects.