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    Onprint is a visual and practical guide to the print graphic production process, addressing aspects that should be taken into account when designing for print media. It explores the characteristics of prepress, printing and post-print systems, giving readers insight into the technical limits and creative possibilities inherent in the world of printing.

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    Behind the Zines

    Behind the Zines introduces a cutting-edge selection of international zines and examines their role as a catalyst in the evolution of media and graphic design today.

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    Letterpress: Select Designs from San Francisco and New York is a rediscovery of the beauty of letterpress by young designers.

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    Penguin 75: Designers, Authors, Commentary

    High standards in art and design have always been part of Penguin's publishing program. Now, on the occasion of Penguin's 75th anniversary, longtime art director Paul Buckley has chosen seventy-five covers that represent the best of what Penguin has produced over the course of the last decade.

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    Art for All: British Posters for Transport

    In 1908 London Underground began a comprehensive publicity program that became one of the most successful, adventurous, and best-sustained promotional operations ever attempted. The posters commissioned not only encouraged travel on the capital's burgeoning public transport system; they also helped to foster a civic identity for metropolitan London.

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    Impressive: Printmaking, Letterpress and Graphic Design

    Inspired by the challenge of hands-on tweaks and unpredictable results as well as the tactile qualities of different inks, papers, and binding techniques, today's creatives are rediscovering old-fashioned printing methods and crafts. Impressive is a topical exploration of the interplay between current trends in graphic design and traditional handiwork such as letterpress printing, hand-cut linotype, chiselled woodblocks, and embossing.

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    Smart Designs: Business Cards

    A spectacular source book of designs for working within a very limited space. This massive collection of business cards, all rich in ideas and from numerous countries around the world, will encourage these professionals to be innovative in their solutions.

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    Brochures: North to South

    This latest edition of From North to South America reviews the best in contemporary brochures by designers from across the American continent. Packed with creative design and visual impact, it is not only inspiring to look at but also an essential reference tool for anyone working in media, communications and graphic design, featuring up to 700 brochures, by 62 agencies, from 16 different countries.

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    Following the success of the previous titles in the Art series, Promo-Art features the best in international card design, from business cards designed according to strict briefs, to invitations produced with total creative freedom.

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    Print Work

    Printwork devotes itself to documenting publications and promotional items such as catalogues, identity, leaflets, packaging, name cards, brochures and more.

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    Great British Editorial

    A great selecction of be most outstanding editorial design from Great Britain. Where the best works, their secrets and the personality of each studio of the British actual panorama coexist.

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    42nd Publication Design Annual

    42nd Publication Design Annual celebrates the most outstanding editorial design produced in 2006. It features work created for publications in all areas: consumer, trade, corporate and online magazines and newspapers. Gathered together, the work in this volume constitutes an essential reference tool for all graphic designers, educators, students, corporate communication executives, editors and publishers.

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    Design Matters: Brochures 01

    The Design Matters series takes a more in-depth approach, allowing designers to learn not only how to create work that is aesthetically appealing, but also strategy-driven and smart. This book focuses on developing, creating and implementing brochure designs, while others in the series dissect packaging, logos, publications, and letterhead systems.

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    Best of Business Card Design 6

    The latest edition of Rockport?s best-selling The Best of Business Card Design series features a high-end collection of the most recent and best work by top designers around the world. Organized in a visually focused presentation, this comprehensive collection contains approximately 800 images, selected from thousands of entries from around the globe.

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    Best of Brochure Design .07 (Best of Brochure Design)

    Featuring an extraordinary collection of work from top designers around the world, this book provides a wellspring of ideas for designing client brochures-ranging from corporate and product literature to annual reports and direct marketing to new media. Whether you're going for a conceptual or sophisticated feel, a classic or modern look, this is the go-to resource for high-quality brochure design at its innovative best.