Set Design Companies

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    Designscape provides award winning creative direction, design, staging, implementation and actualization of immersive environments for media events, consumer marketing, trade-shows, sales meetings, concerts, film, TV and theatrical production.

  2. Atelier Zer0

    Atelier Zer0

    Atelier Zer0 creates exhibition and museum design projects, sets and art direction for TV and film and designs public and private spaces.

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    Art Film Group

    Art Film Group is a full service design and production house. We help develop your concepts and make them a reality or we build from your completed designs. We fabricate scenery, props, furniture, special effects, floats, sculpture, both hard and soft.

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    Noulin-Merat Studio

    Noulin-Merat Studio is a NYC production design firm that specializes in Theater, Film & TV, with an emphasis in Opera and Immersive Theatre.

  5. hiddenlemons


    hiddenlemons is a creative development company dedicated to creating entertainment-based projects.