Sustainable Design Books

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  1. Sustainable Building Systems and Construction for Designers

    Sustainable Building Systems and Construction for Designers

    As a practicing architect and an interior designer, author Lisa M. Tucker covers all systems including structural, mechanical, electrical and lighting, plumbing, and interior building systems as they relate to sustainability and interior design. The technical knowledge and vocabulary presented in the text allows interior designers, architects, engineers, and contractors to communicate effectively with each other while collaborating on projects.

  2. Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design

    Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design

    Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design will help you understand the nature of the sustainability problem and show you how to implement your design for a sustainable future. Organized in six parts, the problem, the environment, the residential scale, the commercial scale, the urban scale, and energy sources, the book presents essential information in context, so that you get the full picture.

  3. Sustainable Fashion - New Approaches

    Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches

    Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches aims to provide a source of inspiration for students, designers and companies, and all stakeholders whose interest lies in the area of sustainable fashion. The book presents approaches to fashion that embrace future-oriented value. Several chapters illustrate how effective fashion can be as transformative design or change agent experimentation.

  4. Art Without Waste - 500 Upcycled

    Art Without Waste: 500 Upcycled

    Art Without Waste features 500 upcycled and Earth-friendly designs from cutting-edge designers, illustrators and artists around the world. With a broad scope of alternative uses for discarded items, such as bottle caps, gas cans, and skateboards, the designs featured in this book also explore new uses for sustainable resources such as wood, straw, and paper.

  5. Sustainable Fashion - Past, Present and Future

    Sustainable Fashion: Past, Present and Future

    Sustainable Fashion provides a unique and accessible overview of fashion ethics and sustainability issues of the past, present and future. Employing an expanded definition of sustainability that also considers ethical issues, Farley Gordon and Hill explore each stage of the fashion production cycle, from the cultivation of raw fibers to the shipment of the finished garment. Structured thematically, each of the six chapters is dedicated to the discussion of one major issue, from recycling and repurposing to labor practices and the treatment of animals.

  6. Sustainable Residential Interiors

    Sustainable Residential Interiors

    The Second Edition of Sustainable Residential Interiors addresses cutting- edge processes, strategies, and principles as well as details for in-depth product vetting criteria. Award-winning, leading interior designer Annette Stelmack shares her expertise from the perspective of LEED BuildingDesign & Construction projects, healthy interiors, and chemical sensitivities, addressing principles, strategies and solutions for design practitioners.

  7. Building Better - Sustainable Architecture for Family Homes

    Building Better: Sustainable Architecture for Family Homes

    Building Better showcases single-family homes from around the world that combine ecological responsibility with contemporary design. This book offers an insightful exploration of the latest developments in sustainable design and provides information on details including technical data and architectural blueprints.

  8. Behind the Green Door - A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects

    Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects

    Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects is a richly illustrated critical portrait of the concrete consequences and paradoxes of sustainability as a dominating paradigm in architecture and urban planning. Drawing on a year-long investigation for the Oslo Architecture Triennale, Rotor presents and contextualizes the 600 objects gathered for its main exhibition including building models, samples, specialized construction tools, campaign posters, and footage of lobbyist gatherings.

  9. Innovative Houses - Concepts for Sustainable Living

    Innovative Houses: Concepts for Sustainable Living

    Innovative Houses examines the latest residential design trends that have arisen in response to these challenges. Divided into four broad areas, tightly focused thematic chapters look at twenty discrete topics, such as live/work; adaptable housing; prefabrication; water efficiency; green roofs; innovative landscaping.

  10. Design for Biodiversity

    Design for Biodiversity

    Through written guidance and architectural drawings, this book advises on how to incorporate provision for biodiversity within developments. Design for Biodiversity includes sections on different building-reliant species, general principles for design, ready-made products that be incorporated into designs, and legislation, policy and regulations.

  11. The Selective Environment

    The Selective Environment

    The Selective Environment is an approach to environmentally responsive architectural design that seeks to make connections between the technical preoccupations of architectural science, and the necessity, never more urgent than today, to sustain cultural identity at a time of rapid global, technological change.

  12. The Sustainable Asian House

    The Sustainable Asian House

    The houses in this book are an exciting representation of the region's reinterpretation of tropical architecture and its growing interest in traditional materials and craftsmanship.

  13. Building for the Future - An Introduction to Passive House

    Building for the Future: An Introduction to Passive House

    Building for the Future contains essays that reveal the technical and creative secrets of Passive House design, as well as containing case studies of some of the world's best examples of beautiful, technically excellent buildings that still feel great even when the power supply is turned down to almost nothing.

  14. The New Eco-Architecture

    The New Eco-Architecture

    The New Eco-Architecture: Alternatives from the Modern Movement builds a historical bridge between architectural science and design. It seeks to address neglected aspects of the Modern Movement as a prelude to supporting a diversity of architectural insight and experimentation aimed at twenty-first century environmental needs and priorities.

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    The Solar House

    The Solar House explores the development of solar residential architecture over the course of the twentieth century and up to the latest designs today.

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    Delivering Sustainable Buildings

    Delivering Sustainable Buildings: an industry insider's view offers peer-to-peer insights and advice from a leading practitioner in this field and brings together in one book an overview of the main issues to consider when creating energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

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    Sustainable Materials, Processes and Production

    Sustainable Materials, Processes and Production is an essential reference for understanding the environmental impact of materials, manufacturing processes, and product life cycles, and is also a guide on how to select and use them in an intelligent way.

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    The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Practice

    The Green Museum remains the leading handbook for museums seeking to learn ways to implement environmentally sustainable practices at their institutions, whether they are planning new construction or want to find out how to 'green' their day-to-day operations.

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    Green Architecture

    The book showcases the latest Chinese achievements in green architecture. Each project has been beautifully photographed and includes detailed plans on eco-technology alongside the architect's thoughts on green architecture in terms of environment protection, energy saving, resource utilisation and pollution control.

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    100 Contemporary Green Buildings

    100 Contemporary Green Buildings brings the best examples of green projects from the Architecture Now! series together with numerous new, never-seen-before projects. Well-known architects like Frank Gehry and Norman Foster are present right alongside young, up-and-coming creators from Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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    The Greenest Home

    The Greenest Home showcases eighteen of the world's most attractive Passive Houses by forward-thinking architects such as Bernheimer Architecture, Olson Kundig Architects, and Onion Flats, among many others. Each case study consists of a detailed project description, plans, and photographs.

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    The World's Greenest Buildings

    The World's Greenest Buildings presents an overview of the rating systems and shows "best in class" building performance in North America, Europe, the Middle East, India, China, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

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    Green Buildings Pay: Design, Productivity and Ecology

    Green Buildings Pay: Design, Productivity and Ecology examines, through a range of detailed case studies, how different approaches to green design can produce more sustainable patterns of development. These cases are examined from three main perspectives: that of the architect, the client and the user.

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    Computer Modelling for Sustainable Urban Design

    Computer Modelling for Sustainable Urban Design: Physical Principles, Methods and Applications is the first book to directly address the physics of urban sustainability and how urban sustainability may be modeled and optimized. Starting with an introduction to the importance and key aspects of the topic, it moves on to a detailed consideration of the urban climate and pedestrian comfort. Comprehensive techniques for the modeling and optimisation of urban metabolism are then described, together with means for defining sustainability as the fitness function to be optimized.

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    Sustainable Design Reader

    The Sustainable Design Reader provides a unique and much-needed overview and examination of the discipline, enabling readers to investigate, understand and critique the role of sustainable design and its importance within contemporary-design industry and culture.

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    The Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging

    Designed for all those involved in the packaging industry, The Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging provides a comprehensive illustrated guide to designing environmentally friendly packaging. Containing comprehensive directories of different packaging materials, including their environmental credentials, and of different packaging formats, this book offers those seeking to answer design briefs with an environmental requirement a comprehensive guide to the possibilities available to them.

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    Design for Sustainability

    Design for Sustainability is a practical approach to design which focuses on the challenges and issues faced by those designing consumer products in the 21st Century.

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    Green Architecture Now 2

    Green Architecture Now 2 is a guided tour from one end of the globe to another where sustainability has not only gone chic, but has become indispensible.