Sustainable Design Consultancies

  1. BBMG


    Founded in 2003, BBMG is a nationally recognized branding and innovation consultancy and design studio. We're strategic creatives and creative strategists, culture experts and design thinkers. We build brands with purpose that are relevant to a new generation and resilient for the fast, transparent and volatile world we live in today. By integrating branding with sustainability, technology, and social purpose, BBMG helps organizations embrace innovation, forge new markets, create new experiences and drive real culture change. We are a certified B Corporation with offices in NYC and San Francisco.

  2. Futerra


    Futerra is an international sustainability strategy and creative agency with offices in London, New York and Stockholm. Our mission is to make sustainability so desirable it becomes normal. We believe sustainability is a billion-dollar opportunity and we work with the world's leading brands to find and unlock that opportunity through smart strategy and world-changing creative.

  3. Edmire


    Edmire is a design studio, dedicated to reducing your environmental impact, starting today! Product design and sustainable system thinking are our core competencies.

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    Futureproofed delivers bold sustainable solutions for energy, transport and food creating value today and tomorrow.

  5. Bernheim and Dean

    Bernheim + Dean

    Bernheim + Dean provides the complete range of sustainable building design consulting services, from project inception through building occupancy. Our services cover the full range of issues from energy and water efficiency to healthy building environments and resource-efficient products.

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    Founded in 2007 at the Rhode Island School of Design, Grain is a collaborative of design thinkers with the shared vision of a more sustainable future. As a full service design consultancy and studio, Grain offers expertise in research, strategy and design for companies interested in uniting sustainability and business through design.

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    Atelier Ten

    Atelier Ten is a visionary consultancy providing integrated, full service engineering and consulting on environmental design, building system performance analysis lighting and daylighting design, fire engineering, benchmarking, environmental masterplanning and strategic sustainability planning.

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    Clean Agency

    Clean Agency combines the philosophy of sustainability with innovative creative and marketing expertise. Our forward-looking approach solves business problems through design. Clean Agency works with business in the values-based services, organic and sustainable products, alternative energy, socially responsible investing, non-profit, government and NGO sectors.

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    Developing breakthrough sustainable products for your brand. New product development services include: Sustainable Product Development methodology, concept generation, engineering development, 3D CAD modeling, industrial design, technology research, prototyping, patentability search, manufacturing support. Our approach draws on a proven track record of delivering innovative, award-winning product designs to market.

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    FutureProof is passionate about designing sustainable systems - buildings, landscapes, communities and businesses. We work with advanced building systems, find technologies appropriate to the user's climate, and assist our clients in adopting sustainable practice as an integration of their operations and practice.

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    Sprout Design

    Sprout Design is an industrial design consultancy which aims to integrate the disciplines of sustainable design and inclusive design into mainstream design practice. We use these methodologies to help us innovate new products that are better for the environment and that as many people as possible can use.

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    Moxie Design

    Moxie Design identifies, designs, develops and communicates sustainable ideas that are good for our environment, good for the future and profitable for business.

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    ShortList_0 DesignGroup

    Dedicated to the unification of sustainable technology with the process of architectural design. Our goal is to merge sustainability, architectural form, current technology and building design for use by architects and other professionals.

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    MBDC: McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry

    MBDC was founded in 1995 by internationally recognized architect/designer William McDonough together with Prof. Michael Braungart, as a strategic environmental consulting and design firm, dedicated to revolutionizing the design of products and services worldwide using Cradle to Cradle design.

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    Engage by Design

    Engage by Design acts as both a consultancy and a research studio. The consultancy specialises in strategic interventions for companies or professionals to support the transformation of their product or service into a more sustainable one.