Toy Design Companies

  1. ​Bob R.

    ​Bob R.

    ​Bob R. helps companies and inventors develop electronic products from the initial concept through production. Bob R also helps companies and inventors cost-reduce their proof of concept models so they can be produced for a reasonable cost.

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    Playsam is the leading Scandinavian design company for executive wooden toys.

  3. Primo Toys

    Primo Toys

    Primo Toys is a London-based educational toy company founded by Filippo Yacob and Matteo Loglio.

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    Big Eye Studio

    The Big Eye Studio specializes in toy design, development, packaging, branding and manufacturing.

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    Idkid is a consultancy dedicated to the design of products, environments and events for children.

    San fermo della battaglia, CO, Italy
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    Mighty Play

    Mighty Play is a strategy, ideation and design studio for online and retail experiences.

  7. Toyi


    Toyi offers creative play kits that enable children to transform everyday objects around them into unique toys.

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    Toy Design Lab

    A toy design consultancy with over 16 years experience of creating multi-award winning toys in association with all the major license companies.

  9. UTOY


    UTOY creates uniquely handmade, designer art toys made from natural wood.

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    Atomic Orange Productions

    We provide toy design, content development, art services, and interactive design. We have developed expertise in the design, production and management of childrens toys, software, DVDs, product art, character and concept development.

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    Design Innovation

    Leading design and development firm of toys and juvenile products. International clients, and award winning designs. Market research, concept development, prototypes and preliminary engineering.