Typography Resources

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    Typotheque is both a graphic design studio and a type foundry publishing and distributing original Latin and non-Latin fonts. Typotheque works on a wide scope of cultural and commercial projects not limited by any medium. Over the past decade we designed post stamps and oversized posters, organised events, curated and designed exhibitions, designed and edited books and magazines, launched websites, or conceived ballet performances.

  2. Font Brief

    Font Brief

    Font Brief is a revolutionary discovery tool for professional designers and art directors, featuring curated, hand-picked and classified fonts.

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    Fontseek features these hidden treasures and puts them into the light. You can filter the selection by using the category tags.

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    In German and English, this site is an ambitious private project which details the history of alphabets, describes type classifications and provides information about designers as well as about the art of graphic design.

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    dynTypo is a collection of work and research by various designers, programmers and artists interested in the possibilities of dynamic and interactive typography in the multimedia arts scene.