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    Urban Projections

    This edited collection explores the relationship between urban space, architecture and the moving image.

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    Small Scale

    Small Scale presents fifty ingenious yet simple projects ranging from the purely conceptual to the fully realized. From a bridge that curls up into itself when not in use, to a stacked rental car dispenser, to a bus-stop like shelter that uses bright lights to treat seasonal affective disorder in the winter, these projects energize our cities leftover spaces and help us imagine the future of our urban infrastructure.

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    Post-Traumatic Urbanism

    Urban trauma describes a condition where conflict or catastrophe has disrupted and damaged not only the physical environment and infrastructure of a city, but also the social and cultural networks. Post-Traumatic Urbanism explores the response of architects and urban planners to these cataclysmic events.

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    Rome the Centre(s) Elsewhere

    An authoritative visual essay on the relationship between urban politics, large scale design, and architectural form. A plan that addresses Rome's consular roads, infrastructure, and landscape, together with a dense reflection on the meaning of Rome as "Urban Paradigm."

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    Democratic Design

    This collection represents the author's case studies in urban and small town environments in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and the United States. They illustrate a variety of community participation methods that can be adapted for use in different environmental settings.

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    The Language of Towns and Cities

    The Language of Towns and Cities is a landmark publication that clarifies the language by which we talk about urban planning and design.

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    Above the Pavement: The Farm

    Above the Pavement - the Farm! presents a delectable range of ideas and issues situated at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, and food.

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    Street Value

    Street Value: Shopping, Planning, and Politics at Fulton Mall offers an in-depth look at one of Downtown Brooklyn's longest redevelopment sagas.

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    The American Vitruvius

    First published in 1922, this classic encyclopedia contains 1,203 plans, elevations, and perspective views. Its European and American buildings range from Renaissance structures to those of the 20th century.

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    Welcome to the Urban Revolution

    Bridging urban studies, economics, and sociology, Jeb Brugmann's Welcome to the Urban Revolution turns traditional urbanism on its head, and offers an inspiring new way of understanding our cities.

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    Sustainable Urban Spaces

    Particular emphasis is placed on innovative ideas, new techniques and the most efficient energy systems. All the projects presented in this book have been carried out by prestigious architecture firms whose work is known and respected throughout the world.

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    Urbanisms: Working with Doubt

    Grouped under themes like Fragments Porosity Insertions Precious and Fusion Holl explores concepts such as creating cities from pieces or edges; moving in and out of the spaces between a built environment; inserting architectural elements into complex urban situations; constructing small-scale mini-urbanisms; and preserving natural landscapes. Urbanisms presents design solutions for diverse locations.

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    Sustainable Transportation

    This book has made a contribution in the debate on achieving sustainable cities. This book provides a comprehensive review and analyses of sustainable transportation indicators with reference to urban form and journey to work travel in the Sydney Metropolitan Region, Australia.

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    Intersections: The Grand Concourse at 100

    September 2009 marks the 100th anniversary of the Grand Boulevard and Concourse, the Bronx's crown jewel of urban planning that stretches over four miles from 138th Street to the Mosholu Parkway. Intersections-The Grand Concourse at 100 examines the rich history of Bronx's most famous thoroughfare through a fascinating collection of pieces - written by top rate historians, contemporary museum curators, and two original texts by Alsatian-born engineer Louis Risse who designed and oversaw the construction of the Grand ConcourseÂ-on the context that informed its planning and construction, along with a vast and lustcollection of photographs that brings this intoxicating period back to life.

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    Green Urbanism Down Under: Learning from Sustainable Communities in Australia

    In this immensely practical book, Timothy Beatley sets out to answer a simple question: what can Americans learn from Australians about "greening" city life? Green Urbanism Down Under reports on the current state of "sustainability practice" in Australia and the many lessons that U.S. residents can learn from the best Australian programs and initiatives.

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    Cityscape is a colossal wooden sculpture in Brussels' Quartier Louise. With it, the artist and designer Arne Quinze has shown how creative visions at the intersection of architecture, art, design and urban planning can make a social and structural impact on their surroundings. The book Cityscape presents the ambitious artwork in all of its facets.

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    Urban Landscape Architecture

    Urban Landscape Architecture showcases the most interesting and innovative urban landscape design and reviews the work of great architects and designers in this area. Each project features sketches, drawings, and photographs and highlights the design details of note for the reader.

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    Art & Architecture of Cambodia

    An essential, authoritative, and up-to-date introduction to the art of Cambodia, and a vivid glimpse into a world that continues to challenge travelers. Many remarkable photographs are published here for the first time, of both famous sites and those that have, until now, been almost impossible to see, for both geographical and political reasons. 180 illustrations, 85 in color.

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    Lofts: New Designs for Urban Living

    Lofts, by definition, are former commercial spaces that have been converted for residential use and living/working environments. But lofts, by design, are vast silent expanses, soaring arches, stalwart steel girders, massive beams, and all the powerful drama of a curtain-time stage set. The importance of urban loft design for the architectural and design world is highlighted in this collection of the finest, most dramatic of these transformed spaces.

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    Land Development Calculations

    Evaluate site development possibilities and land area requirements with spreadsheet simplicity. The best tool ever for land development analysis, planning, and decision-making, Walter Martin Hosacks LAND DEVELOPMENT CALCULATIONS adds speed and clarity to your every recommendation and choice.

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    Shopping Center Development Handbook

    Illustrated in full color, 15 case studies describe the development process for a mix of town centers, urban entertainment centers, power centers, street front retail centers, and enclosed malls. Small strip centers to super regional facilities are covered as well as urban and suburban locations. Practical, how-to information on financing, planning and design, leasing, marketing and management, renovation, expansion, and repositioning cover the basics of development for all types of shopping centers.

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    The Urban Design Handbook: Techniques and Working Methods

    A comprehensive, beautifully designed guide to the complex process of urban design. From an important urban design and architecture firm comes this manual for urban designers, based on the firms in-house practice and procedures. Covering the process from basic principles to developed design, this invaluable book can serve as an introductory course in urbanism as well as an operations handbook for architects, planners, developers, and public officials. 200 color illustrations.

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    Community By Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs and Small Communities

    Community is not an accumulation of buildings with interstate access, neighborhood not a housing project convenient to shopping. Everyone knows what suburban sprawl looks like and the problems is creates. This book knows answers.The First Step to Communities that WorkCreate maximum livability, cohesiveness, and style in developments outside cities. In these pages, youll find recommendations for creating true neighborhoods within the context of the existing suburban landscape--in a case-study format.