Urban Design Companies

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  1. SWA


    Established in 1957, SWA is an international landscape architecture, planning and urban design firm renowned for the creativity, responsiveness, and resilience of its work.

  2. DLANDstudio


    DLANDstudio is an interdisciplinary design firm founded in 2005 by Susannah C. Drake, FASLA, AIA. The firm, born from her vision of making cities more ecologically productive, develops methods to layer environmental, engineering, and political structures to make real change in the built environment. Located in Brooklyn, New York, DLANDstudio's unique design practice redefines the role of public space to incorporate infrastructural systems, restore native ecologies, and mitigate climate change.

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    MAS Studio

    MAS studio is a collaborative architecture and urban design firm directed by Iker Gil. The work of MAS studio takes a multidisciplinary approach to a wide range of projects, from temporal pavilions to large scale buildings and urban planning.

  4. OJB Landscape Architecture

    OJB Landscape Architecture

    OJB Landscape Architecture is a leading urban design, planning and landscape architecture firm with offices in San Diego, Boston and Houston.


    Solana Beach, CA, United States
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    Greenberg Consultants

    A creative problem-solving approach is applied by Greenberg Consultants to managing change in all aspects of city building and re-building including land use, built form and public space, municipal infrastructure, transportation and environment.

  6. Cooper Robertson

    Cooper Robertson

    Cooper Robertson practices award-winning architecture and urban design with both disciplines working together at a range of scales. Our New York City-based staff skillfully addresses large-scale urban design challenges, shapes major cultural and educational buildings, and crafts exceptional private residences and resorts. As waterfront design experts, we have worked at the local, state, and national levels to plan for resilient place-making in the advent of climate change.

  7. WXY


    WXY is an award-winning multi-disciplinary practice specializing in the realization of urban design, planning and architectural solutions in challenging contexts. Focused on innovative approaches to public space, structures and urban issues, the firm's work engages both site-specific design and planning at multiple scales. The firm's commissions are in collaboration with community-based, public authority, and private clients.

  8. OLIN


    OLIN is a landscape architecture, urban design and planning firm with studios in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, known for creating iconic and vibrant landscapes. The studio remains at the forefront of the design profession by uniting a dynamic design process, rigorous research and analysis.

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    Ramsay Planning

    Allan Ramsay Planning Associates Inc. is a multi-disciplinary urban planning firm providing a full range of community planning and development planning services to clients in southern Ontario.

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    Opticos Design

    Opticos Design is a Berkeley, CA-based urban design and planning firm specializing in Form-Based Coding. Opticos was one of the first B Corporations, and in 2012, one of 12 initial California Benefit Corporations, a revolutionary new kind of business that equally integrates environmental, social, and fiscal responsibility into decision making.

  11. Fotenn


    Fotenn is an award-winning planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm with offices in Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. Established in 1992, the firm is committed to a responsive and personal approach and to the honest and fair treatment of our clients and the communities in which we work.

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    CityWorks is an urban design firm focusing on smart growth and transit oriented development.

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    Studio for Spatial Practice

    Studio for Spatial Practice is an innovative award winning design firm specializing in projects that transform the public realm through architecture, urban design, landscape and art.

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    Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group

    The Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group is a collaboration of creative and innovative landscape architects and planners who believe that quality design, strategic planning and bold vision are among the most long-lasting and powerful instruments of healthy, thriving communities. We provide creative solutions for landscape architecture, community planning, urban design, visioning and strategic planning projects.

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    Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

    With over 30 years in the practice of architecture and urban planning, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company has earned an international reputation creating over 300 projects for a wide range of built environments in the United States and abroad. The work of the firm spans the design spectrum and crosses a number of disciplines, residences to master planning and regional planning, from conducting academic research to drafting municipal codes.

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    KenKay Associates

    San Francisco, California firm provides urban planning and landscape architecture services for corporate, institutional and individual clients.

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    Renaissance Planning Group

    Renaissance Planning Group, Inc., is a planning, design, and policy analysis consulting firm specializing in the integration of transportation, land use, urban design, and technology.

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    Space Syntax

    An international, multi-disciplinary firm providing an evidence-based approach to the evaluation, strategic design and functional performance of buildings and urban areas.

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    Design Plan Services Inc.

    Design Plan Services Inc. is a town planning firm specializing in community and neighbourhood design, subdivision planning, and related services for private land development clients. The firm generally operates in the suburban municipalities within the Greater Toronto Region, and is also currently involved with projects within the City of Toronto and other areas of Southern Ontario.

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    Peter J. Smith and Company

    Peter J. Smith & Company, inc. is a full service planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm with offices in Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario.

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    Moore Iacofano Goltsman

    Moore Iacofano Goltsman provides planning, design, communications, and management services. Offices in California, North Carolina, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

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    Stevens and Associates

    Stevens & Associates provides site planning, project management and design services focusing on institutions, corporate design, urban design and civic facilities.

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    Nelson Nygaard

    Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates specializes in transit and multimodal transportation planning for small and large transit agencies.

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    Urban Design Futures

    Urban Design Futures is an Edinburgh based, urban design, planning and landscape architectural consultancy which aims to meet the needs of the present in a manner that is of relevance for the future.

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    Studio Cascade

    Studio Cascade is a community planning and design firm, experienced in multiple facets of public and private sector planning.