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    Web Design & Development Using Xhtml

    Written by teachers at Purdue University, this textbook introduces internet technologies and the basics of web design with an emphasis on creating web pages with XHTML. The last third of the book explains the programming principles of JavaScript, ASP, XML, and XSL.

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    Mastering the Language of Web Design

    Meyer (a standards evangelist with Netscape Communications) uses 13 hands-on projects to teach Web developers how to use cascading style sheets (CSS). Each project is cross-browser compatible.

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    Making the Transition from Graphic Design to Web Design

    Based on a curriculum in Web communication design created in association with the Pratt Institute, this book written for active and aspiring Web designers offers a spirited discussion of understanding the Web's people, parts, and processes; and applying tools and techniques to HTML code and visual Web contents.

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    Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design

    This book is the perfect introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the Web markup standard that allows Web designers and developers to easily make a style change to one CSS template and then change formatting across hundreds-or thousands-of pages.

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    The Real Business of Web Design

    The Real Business of Web Design reviews how the Internet became an integral part of our culture and provides a broad framework of specific tools for improving Web initiatives in any business.

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    Web Design and Development for E-Business

    Unlike most Web design and development books this text helps students develop a solid mastery of leading-edge technologies by using the many and varied development tools that are available either at school computer labs or as free Web downloads.

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    What Is Web Design?

    What is Web Design? develops design principles that will be as relevant to future technological developments as they are today. While Web design is the most celebrated area of design it draws on many other areas, and by putting it in context this book makes Web design easier to understand.

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    Exploring Web Design

    Exploring Web Design provides a valuable introduction to the design fundamentals at work in all well-designed Web sites. The result of an award-winning Web designers mission to teach these building blocks in clear, direct, and non-technical language, this book delivers a solid design foundation in layout, typography, color, and usability.

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    Web Design for Teens

    "Web Design for Teens" focuses on the creation and design of Web sites. Using HTML and some basic Web design programs, the book teaches the reader how to skillfully go from a blank slate (such as in Notepad) to a professionally designed Web site.

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    Web Design & Desktop Publishing for Dummies

    Provides helpful advice on how to: Select the right typefaces for print and online documents; Choose appropriate software for you print and Web communications; Maximize the effects of color in print and on the Web and more.

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    Web Design for Dummies

    Reference and guide to creating high-quality Web sites, for those with little or no experience. Explains the software and other tools needed to get started.

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    Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

    The title of the book is its chief personal design premise. All of the tips, techniques, and examples presented revolve around users being able to surf merrily through a well-designed site with minimal cognitive strain. Readers will quickly come to agree with many of the books assumptions, such as "We don read pages--we scan them" and "We don figure out how things work--we muddle through." Coming to grips with such hard facts sets the stage for Web design that then produces topnotch sites.