Yacht Design Companies

  1. Sanlorenzo


    Sanlorenzo shipyard has been manufacturing high quality motoryachts since 1958 and represents a 'boutique' in the yachting industry, building a limited number of made-to-measure units per year, all of each designed and produced according to the requests, the style and the desires of every single owner.

  2. Turquoise Yachts

    Turquoise Yachts

    Turquoise Yachts is a Turkey based super-yacht builder, established in 1997 by two leaders of the Turkish boat building industry.

  3. Team for Design

    Team for Design

    Team for Design is a yacht design and architecture firm established in 2005 and based in Italy, in the historic city of Venice. Team for Design's services include exterior/interior design of custom superyachts and serial production yachts, beginning from the conceptual drawings up to the executive phase and project management during construction.

  4. FB Design

    FB Design

    FB Design is a company established in 1971 by Fabio Buzzi, mechanical engineer and offshore pilot, to study and build high performance power boats.

  5. Mannerfelt


    Mannerfelt is recognized worldwide for its good design, energy efficient hulls and innovative details. Ocke Mannerfelt founded the company in 1978 after a successful career in international sail racing.

  6. Unique Yacht Design

    Unique Yacht Design

    Unique Yacht Design was founded in 2010 by experienced engineers to offer naval architecture and engineering services for mega yachts.

  7. Sinnex


    Sinnex is a leading interior design company. It provides demanding client base with development, production and fitting services for their residences and yacht interiors.

  8. H2 Yacht Design

    H2 Yacht Design

    Jonny Horsfield established the H2 design studio in London during 1994. We are a design company here to serve our customers and, as such, H2 pride ourselves in not having a 'house style' that is replicated for each client. Instead our portfolio is wonderfully diverse, enabling us to work in any style the client prefers.

  9. Olesinski


    Established in 1972, and with over 21 designers, naval architects and structural engineers, Olesinski are one of the world's longest established and leading designers of motor and superyachts. Coupling the latest technologies, with our own proprietary process, we seamlessly fuse our three technical capabilities in exterior design, naval architecture and structural engineering to produce inspirational motor and super yacht designs.

  10. Reymond Langton

    Reymond Langton

    Reymond Langton is an international award winning interior and exterior design company for Super Yachts. The firm was established in 2001 by the talented design duo of Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton, both of whom already had over a decade's experience in the Super Yacht industry.

  11. Alpha Centauri

    Alpha Centauri

    Alpha Centauri is a small UK company, which designs and manufactures speed boats, ideal as a superyacht tender or toy. Founded by designer Chris Phillips. Our mission is to take hydroplanes to the leisure market. We use cutting edge design employing computational fluid dynamics to produce efficient hull shapes with exceptionally low coefficients of drag.

  12. Quintessence Yachts

    Quintessence Yachts

    Headquartered in the Netherlands, Quintessence Yachts is a company with a passion for using research and innovation to explore new ideas within the yachting arena. Our core mission is to provide highly exclusive maritime experiences in terms of style, performance and design.

  13. metrica


    Combining an unrivaled delivery service and an ever-expanding international portfolio of projects, metrica ensures the best possible results for each and every project. With centuries-old German roots and a passion deeply rooted in expert craftsmanship and project management, metrica maintains impeccable attention to detail in order to produce unparalleled quality, specializing in luxury superyacht and residential interiors globally.