Yacht Designers

  1. Christian Grande

    Christian Grande

    Uniting his passion for car and yacht design, in 1992 Christian began his specialization in yacht design creating new designs for Sessa Marine, a historic fifty year old Italian nautical company: so far he has designed more than 100 yachts for the major Italian and international shipyards.

  2. Fulvio De Simoni

    Fulvio De Simoni

    Fulvio De Simoni is an Italian yacht designer. Simoni is an enthusiastic nautical lover who has always fought sameness and totally revolutionized the aesthetic precepts and the yachting panorama. His nonconformist attitude vividly reflects in his designs.

  3. Rémi Tessier

    Rémi Tessier

    Rémi Tessier's approach to design is founded in simplicity, where function determines form. While each interior project is client-tailored and bespoke, they all share a peaceful elegance.