Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity

Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity explores the enduring human desire to build farther and farther into the sky. Examined here are themes such as verticality, personification, urban critique, improvisation and the vulnerability of landmark buildings. Skyscraper features the work of about 50 artists, including Francis Alÿs, Ziad Antar, Fikret Atay, Erica Bohm, Jennifer Bolande, Marie Bovo, Roe Ethridge, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Cyprien Gaillard, Jakob Kolding, Vera Lutter, Claes Oldenburg, Gabriel Orozco, Thomas Ruff, Andy Warhol, Peter Wegner, Wesley Willis, Catherine Yass, Yin Xiuzhen and Shizuka Yokomizo.


Author Michael Darling, Joanna Szupinska, Owen Hatherley

ISBN 9780933856943

Category Architecture Books

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