Slab Serif Type: A Century of Bold Letterforms

Slab Serif Type - A Century of Bold Letterforms

Slab Serif Type: A Century of Bold Letterforms is a compact, yet comprehensive design resource, expertly selected by graphic design's leading historians. Slabs come from a genre of Egyptian typefaces (some of the leading slabs are called Cairo and Sphinx) brought back to France by Napoleon and marketed in specimen sheets and books as representing a glorious heritage brought to the present. The IBM logo is one of the most famous slab serif marks. The serifs were often exaggerated so they would not result in simply beautiful letterforms but would be functionally superior to other faces. Following the cult typography volumes Scripts, Shadow Type, and Stencil Type, this new volume comprises an artfully curated selection of hundreds of international and classic examples to inspire fresh and unexpected typographic ideas.


author Steven Heller, Louise Fili

isbn 0500518491

category Typography Books

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