Design Museums in Belgium

  1. MoMu


    MoMu (Mode Museum) is the fashion museum of the Province of Antwerp, Belgium. Founded in 2002, the museum collects, conserves, studies and exhibit Belgian fashion.

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  2. Design Museum Gent

    Design Museum Gent

    The Design museum Gent is a cultural institution of the City of Gent. The Design museum Gent is unique in Belgium. The accent in the collections and exhibitions lies on 20th century and actual design.

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    S.M.A.K.: Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst

    The Contemporary Art Museum Association was created on 8 November 1957 at the instigation of Karel Geirlandt. The idea was to develop an independent museum that would act as a showcase for contemporary trends in the world of art. It was perceived that the Museum of Fine Arts was out of touch with current artistic trends. The older art historical model needed to be invested with a less rigid structure so as to be more closely in tune with contemporary artistic activities.

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