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  1. 3D People

    3D People

    Specializing in production-grade parts, 3D People delivers unique designs to its customers using a wide range of 3D printing technologies. Orders are placed via our online portal and made in our London 3D printing facility. Many one-off designs, as well as large batches, are manufactured to precise standards and delivered on time, every time.

    Category 3D Design Services

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    Napper 3D

    UK based visualisation consultancy specialising in 3D architectural visualisation and design communication solutions. By combining design experience with powerful 3D technologies we produce highly detailed and realistic computer generated imagery and animation.

    Category Architecture Services

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    Cadisch MDA

    Cadisch MDA offer a diverse range of Expanded metal meshes for cladding , facades, balustrades, interior design, in most metals and bespoke for all architectural structures.

    Category Architecture Services

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    Happy Finish

    Happy Finish is a world leader in high-end creative retouching & CGI, working on international brand campaigns, magazine editorial and with some of the world's leading photographers & art directors.

    Category Digital Design Services

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    Harris Kalinka

    Harris Kalinka (HK) is an architectural visualisation studio, founded in 2005, specialising in the production of computer generated images (CGI's) and animation for the architectural industry.

    Category Architecture Services

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    Creative Range

    Creative Range is a multi-disciplined design studio based in Oxfordshire with over 10 years of industry experience. We work on a diverse range of commissions across various scales and budgets. Our approach is always flexible and tailored to your business requirements.

    Category Digital Design Services

  7. Unstatic Technologies

    Unstatic Technologies

    Unstatic Technologies creates state-of-the-art software for lighting design of any scale. Our proprietary solutions generate and govern real-time digital content. We leverage programming and algorithms to deliver highly customizable, interactive and responsive lighting behaviors, achieving unique experiences at each moment in time and each touch-point in space.

    Category Interaction Design Services

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    Office Scape

    Office Scape specializes in the design, renovation and relocation of businesses. We are driven by our determination to make your visions our mission, and with a background of helping a diversity of businesses we promise to help you maximize your opportunities and success.

    Category Interior Design Services

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    Loco is a talented team of designers, animators, editors, colourists and directors who share a passion for visual media. We embrace technology but are not defined by it, favoring a creative approach and that is fostered by a friendly environment.

    Category Broadcast Design Services

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    GGD Global

    GGD Global, from Ireland is an Irish pub design, manufacture and export company. With over 30 years experience we have exported The Irish Pub Concept all over the world, thus cementing us internationally as the market leader of exporting the Irish Pub Concept.

    Category Interior Design Services

  11. Bulb Interiors

    Bulb Interiors

    Bulb Interiors is a commercial interior fit-out specialist in office and laboratory sectors. Bulb team works with you in redefining your workplace to create inspiring and productive environments. Whether it be corporate office, list X building or data center - you will receive a professional service, that is customized to suit your needs.

    Category Interior Design Services

  12. Pro Arkitects

    Pro Arkitects

    From understanding project planning to building regulations, we created a one-stop service for those wanting to plan, design, build, construct or renovate their properties. We don't just work with new builds but also work on restorations, extensions and conversions. Our aim is to make the journey between concept and construction a stress-free reality.

    Category Architecture Services

  13. Amnet


    Amnet is a pioneer in packaging premedia. Our agility, expertise and commitment to quality ensure we play a critical part in the value chain for many of the world's leading brands.

    Category Package Design Services