Cut and Run's Tim Hardy Helps Guinness Come Alive

Cut + Run's Tim Hardy Helps Guinness Come Alive

Red Bee's acclaimed director Steve Cope has crafted an exuberant spot for Guinness that is guaranteed to excite audiences in the US, Europe and Japan. The film unites stunt men, an expressive drum and horn soundtrack, striking visual effects and hand animation in an uber-modern expression of a Busby Berkeley extravaganza in a glass.

Tim Hardy, who collaborated with Steve Cope on the multi-award winning Elvis BBC promo and on the recent Bob Monkhouse PSA, edited the commercial, which fittingly ends with the tagline "It's Alive Inside."

The spot's production included a multi-camera, four-day shoot with stuntmen and air rams that propelled the stuntmen into real eight-foot drums constructed for the project. It also involved complex visual effects, exacting music production and editorial in a process as choreographed as the work itself.

"We all worked simultaneously with Steve going back and forth between the various people involved," says Hardy. "Steve has a very clear vision and has executed progressively complex concepts with a team he trusts to contribute on the highest level. It's an exciting and fun challenge and we're thrilled with the vibrant and dynamic result.'

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