Jason Bruges Teams Up with Greenpeace to Create a Groundbreaking Ultra Efficient Light Installation

Jason Bruges Teams Up with Greenpeace to Create a Groundbreaking Ultra Efficient Light Installation

Award winning designer Jason Bruges has been commissioned by Greenpeace to create an interactive installation made up of fully dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs that will feature at this years 100% Light exhibition at Earl's Court this September.

The Studio will create an interactive, animated garden of raised flowerbeds made up of hundreds of elevated CFL bulbs. The installation will glow with gently undulating light that will ripple across its surface and dynamically respond to passers-by as they approach the flowerbed.

The installation is part of Greenpeace's current campaign to champion efficient lighting and replace incandescent light bulbs. It will showcase a groundbreaking Varilight CFL bulb which can be used with household dimmer switches, busting many of the current negative myths often used as an excuse for not using this efficient technology.

"Having recently completed the wind powered, 'Wind to Light', piece on the Southbank the studio are excited to be involved in another project, which highlights how we can all do our bit towards energy efficiency", Bibi Nelson, Project Manager, Jason Bruges Studio.

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest and safest way to achieve significant reductions in emissions of climate changing carbon dioxide. The energy efficient bulb uses only a fifth of the energy, saves users up to £9 per bulb per year and can last up to 12 times longer than its incandescent ancestor.

Louise Molloy, Greenpeace climate campaigner said, "Greenpeace gives the energy efficient light bulb the green stamp of approval. The Jason Bruges Studio shows they can be successfully used within a contemporary design installation leaving no reason for them not to be embraced by designers, architects, builders and the public".

Jason established Jason Bruges Studio in 2002 and now works with a team of twelve, developing and delivering interactive projects worldwide. The studio comprises an experienced team of architects, set designers, interaction designers, industrial designers and project managers.

The Studio creates surfaces, spaces and interventions that exist between the worlds of architecture, installation art and interaction design. The practice adapts innovative technologies from the entertainment industry, coupled with materials and fabrication techniques from the construction industry in order to deliver engaging and robust solutions to the diverse range of briefs passing through the studio.

Recent works include temporary installations for Tate Britain, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the London Architecture Biennale. Permanent works can be seen at the award winning Puerta America Hotel, Madrid or in the public realm in interactive street lamps in Leicester and interactive way finding installations along the A13 motorway, London. The studio's latest work is an 8 storey high interactive Chandelier in London's Spitalfields.

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