David Carson Design Opens Studio in Zurich

David Carson Design Opens Studio in Zurich

David Carson

Returning to the city where he enrolled in his first graphic design course, David Carson has opened a studio in Zurich. Described as the most influential graphic designer working today, Carson has decided to focus his work in Europe on serving agencies and clients alike with his often imitated, but never matched expertise in visual communication.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity and creativity I have found in Zurich, there is really an independent and burgeoning design community here, and I can think of no better location for my next studio," said Carson. "I am really looking forward to doing more work in Europe, and being in Zurich allows for easy access to clients and agencies across the continent."

From his groundbreaking work on Beach Culture and Ray Gun magazines through to his work for many of the world's largest companies, Carson's designs have always been unique and provocative, and elicited strong opinions.

"People used to say that I was disrespectful to the writing in what I was doing in Ray Gun. I think it was very much the opposite. I was reading the articles, trying to interpret them and trying to draw attention to them. The starting point is never to make something ugly, or to make it hard to read, or to make it award winning or to make it pretty. The starting point is to try to interpret something. What have I just read? What have I just listened to?" said Carson. "That is how I have always approached communications challenges, by determining what the best way is for getting across a particular point using the strongest and most effective visual language possible," he continued.

Carson and his work have been featured in over 180 magazine and newspaper articles around the world, including a feature in Newsweek magazine, which said that, "He changed the public face of graphic design." Carson's work continues to be subjective and largely driven by intuition, with an emphasis on reading material before designing it, and experimenting with ways to communicate in a variety of mediums. Carson remains a hands-on designer, keeping his studio small and mobile.

David Carson has been described as the most influential graphic designer working today. The design publication Emigre devoted an entire issue to Carson, the only American designer to be so honoured in the magazine's history. London based Creative Review magazine called David, "The most famous graphic designer on the planet." Carson's first book, with Lewis Blackwell, The End of Print, is the top selling graphic design book of all time, selling over 200,000 copies, and printed in five languages.

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