Together with Draenert, Poggenpohl Presents the Dining Desk

Together with Draenert, Poggenpohl Presents the Dining Desk

The kitchen is a social, aesthetic and functional place that reflects developments in society and technology. As one of the best known kitchen brands in the world, Poggenpohl has been a source of innovative and stimulating ideas for this living space for 115 years. The most recent example is last year's Eurocucina, where the company presented a design study showing its vision of the kitchen of the future, in which the essential themes of living, cooking and communicating are combined into one.

Dining Desk - living, cooking, communicating
One result of the study was the Dining Desk, which Poggenpohl has developed to product maturity in time for M.O.W. 2007. The company worked together with Draenert, the pull-out dining table specialist, on this project. Developed from the straight-line use of forms in kitchen architecture, the Dining Desk is a slim, large-size dining table and desk in one. The two sides slide apart lengthways, powered by a silent adjusting motor. That opens up a previously hidden functional area running the full length of the table, which is perfect for serving food and finishing off dishes at the table.

When opened up as a table, the Dining Desk offers lots of possibilities. Different items can be placed in the central functional area, such as stainless steel trays, cutlery boxes and a cutting board. Meanwhile, two trolleys can be snugly pushed into the open spaces at either end. In a sense, the trolleys are the interface between the kitchen and the dining area, as well as creating room for other enhancements like grilling, cooking and chilling right at the table.

The Dining Desk is available in veneer finishes or natural stone. The different real wood veneers, some of them matt, some glossy, match the different front finishes of the kitchens. And Poggenpohl has extended the
range of worktops to coordinate with the mineral versions of the Dining Desk. New colourways include the elegant green stone Verde Bamboo, mottled grey Impala, red-black Tropical Black, bluish-white Azul Aran and white-red mottled Juparana Bordeaux.

The Dining Desk at last makes the kitchen a place where living, cooking and communicating come together as one.

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