SVA MFA in Design Criticism Reading Night

SVA MFA in Design Criticism Reading Night

On November 29 the SVA MFA Design Criticism department hosts its first reading night at KGB Bar in the East Village.

Addressing the concept of home from different angles are: Metropolis magazine columnist Karrie Jacobs, design, technology and culture writer David Womack, and conceptual artist Elizabeth Demaray.

Jacobs reads an excerpt from her 2006 book, The Perfect $100,000 House, which chronicles the author's nationwide search for a place to call home; Womack recounts the virtues of lightweight living, a revelation received while backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas; and Demaray speaks about a project in which she created alternative plastic housing for homeless hermit crabs.

This event inaugurates a bi-monthly series of reading nights, organized in anticipation of the Design Criticism program's launch at the School of Visual Arts in Fall 2008.

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