Pigeons and Pretzels - MoMA Challenges Branding Students

Pigeons and Pretzels: MoMA Challenges Branding Students

MoMA has recently collaborated with the School of Visual Arts to offer design students in Debbie Millman's MPS Branding Department the opportunity to develop, prototype and present a high-stakes international branding campaign for the MoMA Design Store's "Destination: NYC" collection.

The client - MoMA officials Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Architecture and Design and Emmanuel Plat, Director of Merchandising - loved their pitch.

Now, pigeons, pretzels, graffiti, plastic deli bags and other NYC icons are making an appearance on logos, ad campaigns, shopping bags, storefronts and more.

Pigeons and Pretzels 01

Instructor Mark Kingsley says that Antonelli embraced the campaign and even suggested that some concepts should be made into t-shirts and sold in the store. "She also compared this work against other design presentations she's seen and said our work was at a superior level of thinking, design and presentation," he added.

Photo: Mark Kingsley

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