Demirden Design Awarded by Design Management Europe

Demirden Design Awarded by Design Management Europe

For the first time this year, aiming to strengthen the innovation and the power to compete among the business world, Design Management Europe (DME) has chosen the companies that "have gained success through their design management and their perception of design". In the category for the "micro" sized companies, Demirden Design has been awarded with an Honourable Mention.

Recognition by the Award Jury demonstrates "leadership in innovation, implementing change and excellence in management". On the 22nd of November, Design Management Europe has announced its winners and honourable mentions during the DME Award Ceremony at the "red dot design museum" in Essen (Germany). More than 230 companies and organisations from 21 countries participated, and in the end, 38 companies have been awarded: 18 winners and 20 Honourable Mentions from all over Europe.

Demirden Design is a design firm that has won 5 international awards in 2007, including two red dot awards. They explain their design management conception as having penetrated design as a way of thinking throughout their company. They have an informal, organic structure in which individuals can freely express themselves. According to Demirden Design, what differentiates them is the mindful creativity, and the wholistic approach they have towards projects, each with a different story of their own.

The DME Award recognizes the skills and leadership of management to implement design in their business for commercial success. Companies and organisations are challenged to apply for the DME Award by demonstrating how design is integrated in their processes, management, and strategy to achieve commercial gains.

Winning entries will also be rewarded in being part of the DME Exhibition which will showcase the winners in multiple media and on an international scale. These good practices will be used as role models to inspire and stimulate European businesses. During the two years, showcases of good design management will travel through Europe with a Design on Stage-tour, showing the winners of the award as well as nominees.

Design Management Europe (DME), a key part of the PRO-INNO Europe initiative, will set out to demonstrate and promote to businesses and organisations the commercial benefits gained with good design management practices. Eighteen partners from fourteen European countries are working together to establish the first design management award for European businesses and organizations who successfully integrate design in their management, processes and strategy.

Demirden Design

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