Live Cooking Table by Pmg Combines Passions - Design, Tableware and Entertainment

Live Cooking Table by Pmg Combines Passions: Design, Tableware and Entertainment

The "Live Cooking Table" by pmg profi le marketing group is something else: more than just a table, more than just a stove and more than just a design object. It's a communicator between aesthetics, function and pleasure.

Live - Simple and beautiful!
The table surface is made of SCHOTT Ceran glass-ceramic panels which can be decorated individually with your choice of metallic prints. Grey-green tendrillar patterns look just as good on the black, high-gloss surface as would some writing. The control elements are hidden within the table: This is how the "Live Cooking Table" is able to keep its sleek aesthetic without cables or buttons and dials.

Cooking - Extrovert and elegant!
Due to its modular property the "Live-Cooking-Table" can be extended to a length of up to 6 metres and accommodate about 16 dinner guests. There are two cooking stations per table element where the chef can prepare the meals in front of his guests' eyes. The chef is able to perform directly for his guest. The induction cooker is built in so that it isn't visible. This communicative cooking and dining furniture was designed especially for Event-Catering, Front-Cooking in Restaurants and Culinary Schools. Not sporting the classic kitchen look makes this elegant restaurant table with its integrated cooking function ideal for events and show-cooking.

Table - Functional and safe!
You can bring the "Live Cooking Table" to life by simply using the touch cont- rol. The hobs work with fi ngertip activation by touching the sensors placed underneath the table's surface, marked by an imprinted touch control. The "Live Cooking Table"convinces with strong arguments such as fast assembly and disassembly with "Plug & Play" connections, low shipping volume and cost effi ciency due to its standard dimensions. But above all the technology and aesthetics this table is safe. Thanks to the newest Siemens induction technology there is no unwanted development of heat. If, for example, you place some tableware on the table's cooking zone then a zero appears on the user panel. This way your tableware and your children's hands remain safe.

Dimensions: Maximum dimensions: 1.18 m x 5.95 m per module: 1.18 m x 1.18 m ideal height: 0.95 m for working and sitting on half height barstools.

The "Live Cooking Table" was awarded the "Gute Gestaltung 08" ("Good Design") prize by the German Design Club (DDC) for its product design. What's more it was also nominated for the IF Product Design Award 2008.

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