SVA MFA in Design Criticism Reading Night 2

SVA MFA in Design Criticism Reading Night 2

Join the SVA MFA Design Criticism department for another night of critical readings at the KGB Bar in the East Village.

This time readers will be exploring the spaces where music and design converge.

Sasha Frere Jones will read a lyrical piece about the dance music productions of cellist Arthur Russell, one of the first columns he wrote as pop-music critic at The New Yorker.

Stuart Bailey, founder and editor of dot-dot-dot, reads his essay about the Vorticist artist Wyndham Lewis, which uses another essay about Mark E. Smith of The Fall as its narrative counterweight.

Principal at the New York design firm Giampietro+Smith, Rob Giampietro ruminates on an imaginary packaging design for a piece of Arvo Part's orchestral music.

And Jody Rosen, Slate's music critic and author of the book White Christmas: The Story of an American Song, discusses the concept of "Deco-Pop."

This event is the second in a bi-monthly series of reading nights, organized in anticipation of the Design Criticism program's launch at the School of Visual Arts in Fall 2008.

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