N'Uovo - The Offshoot of Cooperation Between Gobino and Pininfarina

N'Uovo: The Offshoot of Cooperation Between Gobino and Pininfarina

In 2008, the year of Torino World Design Capital, two historic companies operating the area of Turin, Pininfarina and Gobino, present N'uovo, an innovative product that combines the excellent quality of Gobino chocolate with a unique, exclusive surprise, specifically designed by Pininfarina.

For the company headed by Guido Gobino, one of the most elite representatives of the chocolate-maker's art of Turin, designer Daniela Cavalcabo has studied an elongated shape with a truncated base that allows an approximately 800-gram chocolate egg to stand upright without any support.

Its chocolate shell, the result of attentive selection of the best quality South American cocoa, is not the only innovative aspect of N'Uovo which, inside, houses a uniquely-styled surprise characterized by the unmistakable design of Pininfarina.

N'Uovo, on sale at high-prestige Italian and international sales points from the start of next year, will be one of the icons of Torino 2008 World Design Capital, an accolade attributed to the city by the Icsid (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) to highlight the crucial role of Turin and Piedmont in the field of international design. To further stress the link with next year's events, N'Uovo will be produced in a limited edition of 2008 eggs.

"A product such as N'Uovo, which symbolizes all the values of the identity of Piedmont, excellent design, a constant pursuit of quality, cooperation between companies in the area, is the perfect expression of the spirit of Torino World Design Capital - declares Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra, the Pininfarina Group company specialized in product and interior design, responsible for designing the surprise. "The surprise - an aluminium sculpture with a clean-cut, dynamic shape that embraces and winds around the instruments of the designer, pencils - is a further tribute to Turin as world capital of design".

"When we had to decide on a stylish surprise for our egg- adds Guido Gobino - we immediately thought of Pininfarina which, similarly to Gobino, has always had a natural vocation for achieving the highest standards of quality, searching for luxury that is never an end unto itself, while respecting the surrounding environment and nature. As far as we are concerned, the excellence of our chocolate is guaranteed by a scrupulous search for the best quality cocoa in places where this is still processed using artisan methods, with respect for workers: for this initial cooperation with Pininfarina, we have used cocoa coming from Central America".

"N'Uovo stems from the need to design a different, innovative but traditional Easter Egg, new but linked to the collective imaginary of this product - declares Daniela Cavalcabo, key designer for Guido Gobino and the creator of the product. - First of all, I thought of eliminating the natural instability due to the shape of the egg by simply cutting off the base to create a stable supporting surface. Then, turning to shape, I conceived an egg projected towards an imaginary point, with a more elongated point that modified its shape without altering its image. When designing the egg, I thought that it should reflect the spirit of Guido Gobino, as the quality of his chocolate is firmly rooted in tradition but the shape in which it is presented is decidedly projected towards the future".


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