Pininfarina Designs Rakuten Mobile's New Concept Store in Shibuya

Pininfarina Designs Rakuten Mobile's New Concept Store in Shibuya

Pininfarina designed a new concept store for Rakuten Mobile, opened last week in the popular shopping and entertainment area of Shibuya, Tokyo. Pininfarina created a one-of-a-kind three-story shop that drives brand values and desirability. A kaleidoscopic sequence of interconnected spaces allows for different journeys as customers move through the space, creating a unique interior experience that is full of life and energy.

The Pininfarina design starts from a triangular generative and modular element, which exists throughout the entire space, from the graphic of the wallpaper to the shape of the sitting area and the wood cladding. The triangle represents a simple connective network: starting from the logo, it replicates and connects to itself, similarly to what happens within social communities.

Rakuten Mobile's branding is also visible in other details: from the patterned wallpapers to the smartphone holders. The space fosters natural interactions, allowing physical and digital engagement to coexist while generating tailored experiences and facilitating access to digital services.

The use of the color magenta generates an energizing atmosphere in which technology merges with light and natural elements; the use of natural wood and bamboo, for example, makes the store feel in tune with nature. The first floor is dedicated to the customers' engagement and the display of smartphones and other devices. Customers can freely browse, or be assisted at the reception desk or while sitting in a comfortable lounge.

The second floor is dedicated to product and service purchasing. The design is targeted at new generations, therefore customers are engaged while sitting on a linear sofa, maximizing direct and friendly connection with the store operators.

The third floor is dedicated to brand enhancement, allowing premium customers to experience new products and technologies first-hand, in an ever-changing environment and/or to pick up items purchased online. A coffee area is also available, providing a place for visitors to pause and rest.

Photos: Courtesy of Pininfarina