Official Poster Design for Munich Oktoberfest Decided

Official Poster Design for Munich Oktoberfest Decided

Oliver Weiss, an illustrator and designer from Germany, has just been assigned the first prize in the 2008 Munich Oktoberfest poster design competition on behalf of the city of Munich on January 31st. His pop art design will be shown on posters, in brochures, and on memorabilia ranging from beer bugs to glasses, t-shirts and caps.

The competition has been organized by the city of Munich to celebrate the largest beer festival worldwide, the famous Oktoberfest which has been a landmark event for almost 200 years now.

A closed competition, the jury has chosen from 21 entries, seeking designs which highlight the uniqueness of the festival by communicating a joie de vivre, as well as humor and overall charm.

Oliver Weiss' motif is essentially a vibrantly colorful pop art collage using some of the "usual suspects," a heart, a Ferris wheel, a pretzel, and - this goes without saying - a beer mug. The artist used an ink brush for the design, and colorized it on-screen.

Oliver's award-winning design will be used to promote the Oktoberfest on 7,000 posters and in 90,000 brochures in both German and English languages. In addition, the design will be displayed on the official "Oktoberfest Beer Mugs" which have been collector's items since 1978. It will also be featured on assets like mugs, glasses, steins, t-shirts, caps, etc.

Oliver Weiss

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