Starck Chooses Andromeda

Starck Chooses Andromeda

For the Paris launch of Privè, the new collection of upholstered furniture designed for Cassina, Philippe Starck also wanted to astound with the diversity of the combinations, experimenting with an unusual dialogue between furniture and lights.

In the elegant Boulevard Saint Germain showroom, a story of sensuality and energy unfolds... the regular shapes of the Privè collection are exalted by the Murano glass silhouettes created by Andromeda.

A new act in a collaboration which in recent years has seen Andromeda create numerous decorative lighting projects for important hotels bearing the name of the French architect.

For this occasion, Starck chose an Andromeda model with great theatrical presence - Pulse by Massimo Bernardi. A genuine meditation in light in intense black, its stellar geometries standing out against the regularity of the Privè upholstered furniture.

The Privè collection consists of a chaise longue, sofas and soft boudoir armchairs and, as Starck explains, is designed to add a little spice to domestic life. The apparently basic shapes of the back, head and arm rests are in fact conceived with the comfort of the couple in mind. A collection designed to facilitate sexual activity.

To lend a helping hand to every aspect of love, both light and shade, no form was more appropriate than the black tentacles of Pulse.

Philippe Starck

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