SensoWash Starck - High-Tech Shower Toilet by Duravit

SensoWash Starck: High-Tech Shower Toilet by Duravit

SensoWash Starck is the latest ground-breaking innovation from Duravit and Philippe Starck. For this collaboration, Starck fused his signature, forward-thinking aesthetic with Duravit's new SensoWash high-tech functionality to create a timelessly modern shower-toilet seat, that is the perfect blend of design, comfort, technology and quality. This new product segment is extremely important to Duravit as an extension to its wide range of wellness products. Timing is also critical as the world-wide demand for shower-toilets has been on a steady rise.

"We analyzed the market and discovered that the shower-toilet seats currently available were more technically oriented, while our customers put great emphasis on design," commented Tim Schroeder, President of Duravit USA. "We set out to meet the challenge of providing these functions as part of a holistic quality and design concept. Technical developments were just one aspect of the work - the greatest time went into creating the right design. Philippe Starck is not only an experienced and talented partner, but is also someone who has brought design to the bathroom in a revolutionary way since 1994 with the launch of Starck 1."

In fact, SensoWash Starck puts great design front and center with a flat, slim design that curves gently into the wall. A sleek silver panel finishes the look. With all of its good looks, it packs a long list of options under the hood. These features, which are discretely concealed between toilet and seat, include: a power-activated lid; a seat with rear, front and oscillating washes to provide three wash types that are differentiated for men and women; a nozzle with adjustable positioning and jet strength; as well as individual adjustment of water, air and seat surface temperature.

Another example of great design in action is Starck's intuitive wireless remote control. A metallic cube, no bigger than a hand, the remote control has clear graphics and a logical layout of function keys that, when selected, are briefly illuminated. It can be used to open and close the toilet lid and seat and operate all washing, drying and heating functions. Individual preferences can be saved in one of two profiles. When the remote control is no longer needed, it can be returned to its cradle with magnetic holder and automatic lock.

When developing the technology for SensoWash, Duravit was focused on the highest hygienic standards. SensoWash's stainless-steel spray arm and nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after each use. In addition, the spray arm and toilet seat have an antimicrobial coating and are easily removable for cleaning.

With user safety and ease in mind, SensoWash functions include a child safety feature to prevent unwanted splashing and a sensor integrated in the seat that only allows the functions to be used when it recognizes an adult user. Electronics feature a standby mode and a power-saving mode, as well as temperature sensors to protect against heat getting too high. Finally, SensoWash Starck includes a special LED night-light function to provide orientation and safety in low light.

SensoWash Starck fits seamlessly onto the newly designed Starck 3 one-piece, two-piece and wall-hung toilet models.

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