A-cero Works 1996-2006

A-cero Works 1996-2006

Joaquin Torres, head architect of A-cero, an architecture, interior and urban design practice based in Spain, presents a book showcasing the best works made by the firm in its first ten years.

The material featured in this publication includes early projects such as the geometrically pure houses that gave the firm its name in Spain, a cubic marble mausoleum or a concrete building for the university of A Coruna, the first competition won by the then young firm created by a group of students, eager to carry out their vision of architecture.

An idea where the bounds between architecture and sculpture are blurred, creating buildings at once functional and expressive.

These ideals and engagement of the early days is still present in a firm that has gone through a great growth, working on projects all around the globe, in places like Santo Domingo or Dubai, where they have recently opened an office.

The hardcover book presents architecture, interior, industrial and furniture design projects made between 1996 and 2006 in nine chapters, widely illustrated with plans and photographs.

The book is already in display in selected bookstores in Spain is available through the firm's website and and will be soon on the principal online book shops.

more: a-cero.com (247)


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