Material ConneXion at the Salone Del Mobile - Sustainable Materials for a Better World

Material ConneXion at the Salone Del Mobile: Sustainable Materials for a Better World

Material ConneXion, the leading global platform for material solutions and innovations, will present "Sustainable Materials for a Better World", a comprehensive overview of the latest sustainable material trends, at this year's Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, from April 16-22, 2008, located between Halls 14 and 18.

To understand the fast-paced world of new materials and to help navigate different approaches to sustainability, Material ConneXion will showcase some of the most groundbreaking, sustainable materials available today and provide a glance at what the future of sustainability holds. The exhibition will include materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, efficient, lightweight, durable, nontoxic, and made from resources that are easily renewable. New advances in material processing will be highlighted, with examples of materials that have been redeveloped to eliminate toxic gasses and harmful chemicals.

An integral part of the exhibition will be the latest Cradle to Cradle materials, sourced directly from Material ConneXion's library-the only materials library in the world to feature Cradle to Cradle materials. The addition of the materials earlier this year is part of a partnership between Material ConneXion, MBDC and EPEA to create greater global access to Cradle to Cradle materials, the building blocks for creating Cradle to Cradle products, and the products themselves. Working together, the three companies offer workshops, material assessment & certification, and Cradle to Cradle material and product development.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, forward-thinking companies are seeking to improve the environmental impact of their products. Now more than ever, diverse industrial sectors have the possibility to achieve significant economic and technological growth by choosing the path to sustainability. The starting point on this path, and the foundation for creating better, more sustainable products-from furniture to footwear-is clear: use the right materials.

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"Sustainable Materials for a Better World" will allow you to look, touch, experience and explore the ecologically sound materials that are having the greatest global impact. Material information from the exhibition and beyond, including an overview of the latest material trends and an introduction to more than sixty innovative materials, will be available in Materials Matter-Material ConneXion's annual exhibition compendium. The exhibition, designed by Domus Academy in Milan, will be presented together by Material ConneXion and Material ConneXion Milan.

As the global need for sustainable materials grows, so too does the need for Material ConneXion's sustainable materials expertise. To that end, Material ConneXion will open its second location in Asia-Material ConneXion Daegu, Korea-this coming June. Material ConneXion Daegu will be housed on the entire third floor of the newly-built Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center (DGDC), a cultural center devoted to design and color. Material ConneXion is pleased to announce that Visitors to the Salone del Mobile will get a sneak peak of Material ConneXion Daegu and the DGDC.

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