Rokkan Gets Gnarly for Gnarls

Rokkan Gets Gnarly for Gnarls

Bicoastal full service Interactive Agency, ROKKAN created the newest site from acclaimed producer Danger Mouse and the uber talented Cee-Lo Green who collectively make up Gnarls Barkley. Their 2008 album, The Odd Couple takes the quirky relationship between the two to the next level. ROKKAN created a site that reflects the dynamic nature of the artists and album. With so much going into music these days in addition to beats and lyrics, it was important to capture personality. The site needed to have the ability to relay Gnarls Barkley.s standout qualities and carry their personas across the digital space. Color and functionality were the major components ROKKAN kept in mind when designing this space.

Taking Gnarls' amazing sound and often times humorously animated relationship to the digital space allowed for ROKKAN to create an environment that was a departure from reality. The site uses funky characterizations of the duo and bright saturated colors to emulate this distorted world where the user can interact, watch, listen and learn about a true mark on pop culture. In order to embrace all things Gnarls, ROKKAN wanted to show off everything promoting this album from the hilarious videos, news, and updates.

Gnarls' sound is like a departure from reality. The use of color, imagination, and an overall fantastical feeling were the all-encompassing goals ROKKAN kept in mind while crafting this space. By using colors that were super saturated and morphing Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse into whimsy, bubbly characters, the tone for the album was set. The pair.s innovative sound and notoriety made the project that much more rewarding. The site is a fun quirky destination and truly reflects the persona that is Gnarls Barkley.


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